Sacha Stone - New Earth Project - zero point economics or just another bunch of Overlords?

here at Free Planet, you'll have noticed the editorial stance is something along the lines of ALL CITIES MUST DIE, and all funding of THE EMPIRE (that's the patent-protected for-profit war-world economy) must be stopped.

You get that (so far) right?

But it's also about who we are, as a race of Advanced Fore-brainers. And what we do to show THE REST OF THE UNIVERSE that we deserve to remain Custodians of this Free Planet (and any God would tell you that you shouldn't be a debt/wage-slave, but that's by the by) and then that we deserve to share in the wonders of multi-dimensional travel and sharing with our Galactic Neighbours.

The basic premise being WE HAVE TO TIDY OUR OWN HOUSE before we'll be invited into the houses of our neighbours, out there in the wider galactic community.

So, the NEP  or New Earth Project (don't make me rant about the acronymal likeness to  NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming) promises to free mankind from Extinction Economics and Slavery to One's Home. I kinda got freaked out when it was mentioned that NEP is being orchestrated by 'leaders of FAITH' and 'leaders of ECONOMY' - it just flipped up a massive RED FLAG for me, a devout non-theist and anti-profitist. Whereas 'the free planet idea' encourages BANNING MANKIND from the surface of the Earth in mobile communities or Diversities and BANNING RUTTING for a period of time that allows Mother Earth to heal, NEP like the Venus Project before it seems to condone the building of what look like Formalised Gated Summer Camps by the lake, river or sea.

And we all know it's the maintenance/pollution issue of such 'solid foundation' that brings down Empires, so... anyway, here's the debate opening trailer, after that Sacha Stone gets his Overlord on (and who is this "WE" he keeps talking about?).


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