the Paddington bear film - the REAL CONSPIRACY - who is this imposter?

Creepy Paddington image c/o Irish Times

I realise you're going, "Free Planet blog generally deals with serious satanic anti-Illuminati or conglomerate anti-Profit issues that are ruining modern life and making us wage-slaves, oh, and sometimes some art.

But this rough and scruffy cunning and 'attitude crippled' life-like naked brown bear cub with flesh-ripping canines is NOT Paddington bear...

...because Paddington bear is a talking toy in a planar world. Not a real i.e. voiceless, bear cub in a 3D world. This is the real Paddington bear, notice his plump proportions and the fact that he is FULLY CLOTHED, and cute.

You could still do Paddington as a 3d-animated character but he'd have to be like some kind of time-and-space traveller who could slip between the photo-realist plains of the domestic breakfast table to achieve his mischievous aims, not this brash imposter, this dwarf serial killer infiltrating that hapless English family. This whole modern re-imagining of Paddington Bear comes across as more sinister than Takashi Miike's Visitor Q or the film Xtro.

the REAL Paddington bear


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