Forget illness - Forget wars - PROFIT is the real Cancer

at the start of 2014 I deleted all the Free Planet posts thus far. They were mostly but not exclusively "someone else's conspiracy news", so sources were debatable at the very least, this being a classical NTK or Need To Know intelligence game waged against You The People i.e. You The Worker i.e. You The Profit Slave.

Most of my own Free Planet thoughts made their way into The Research Notes of Miss Asalah Al Faghori, in preparation of the publication of the Custodian (free planet #1) novel, a fictional owl character in that book about Custodian Liberation.

But this profit is the real cancer issue needs re-airing, and thanks to places like Paperblog and Before It's News (among others) the content of this blog is archived all over the net so will never really be killed, not even by me its angry parent.

Forget illness, forget wars, forget terrorism, forget crime rate, forget mind-ravaging dogma, profit itself (the financial concept of "bottom line" and "investor premiums" that dictate how Economies control the masses) is the real crime, a crime against honest and compassionate humanity. And most of us are a) honest and b) compassionate. It's in our blood, in our genes, in the way our families work. But set one against the other in the pursuit of profit and all hell breaks loose.

1) you are a slave to this cancer of profit:
  • You never have time to be with your kids, your spouse, your family.
  • You are stuck in dead-end jobs that sucks the life force from your soul.
  • Empires/Corporations and their Tyrant Rulers, their Risk/Monopoly Game-players, are intent on keeping you dumbed down so that you won't see the cancerous growth metastasising.

2) your planet's a slave to this cancer of profit:
  • Country is an arbitrary ring-fence around a rolling spherical landscape.
  • Businesses rape and pillage Natural Resources and reclaim Natural Territory for no other purpose than to make more commercial shit.
  • Extinction of the Diversity on this (supposedly) Free Planet continues as a direct result of these ravenous profit-hunting entities.

GROWTH, yes that equates with our CANCER analogy quite snugly.
ECONOMY, that's how much TRUTH you're told.
TERMINAL, is what PROFIT is for not only the human race but also the planet.

Thousands of people need to live in destitution so that one billionaire can exist. You're living within a financial model with a fixed asset -- the planet ain't no bigger than it was last financial quarter -- what do you think the term "slice of the pie" means? One world. One size. One pie. Every fucking idiot riot dog (humiliated into) fighting for every single scrap of rancid profit - killing other attack dogs in the process of forgetting who they really are and what is their real place in this world. Eyes glazed over with blood lust. Slavering more with every cheap victory. Looking for their next target. 

Do you really want that kind of War World for your children's children when a Free Planet is there, waiting patiently for mankind to EVOLVE.  


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