Free Planet - Man supports his family - Bringing home the bacon

one of the great lies of State or Private Education, or 'access to the corporate mind-control system that leads innocent human beings into the criminal World of Corporate War for Profit' i.e. work, is Man Supports His Family aka 'bringing home the bacon'.
budgetarily brief, just in case
In this invented world of work, man (and woman) spends the majority of their time working in jobs that may be above/below them in terms of physical/emotional capability.

Many people hate these jobs they find themselves in. Many people crack under the pressure, pressures of the job or pressure from colleagues battling among themselves like dogs for the next rung on the useless ladder.

Many people 'try' (very, very hard) to adopt this 'honourable role' of the so-called Wage Earner or the Bread Winner in his/her family, but it's not always possible to play fairly within the Arbitrary Rules of the Corporate War Game, be you a competing individual, a competing company or even a competing country. There will always be winners and losers in such a game that's rigged towards Profit at all costs. And those Persons/PLCs who are crushed by the ruleset often turn to their own ingenuity to 'bring home the bacon' and those people go to prison. We call them criminals, ignoring the rank criminality of our insane for-profit world. Most people are in jail for 'crimes against the property, rent arrears, tax'. Not for anything as serious as murder or child abuse.


People like you (and I) who are attempting to make a difference and allow people to understand how they're being shafted by this rigged Economy Game and being falsely conned into Wanting To Contribute to the GDP of their chosen Country, will also go to jail if we're picked off one at a time by the 'judicial system'. It's how the top rung of the ladder retain control, eliminate the ring leaders - put heads on spikes.

Why should man (or woman) be indoctrinated into living like this?

To what useful end? 

The Earth, the Free Planet upon which we all live, has shown us (again and again) that it is more than capable of supporting all forms of life as long as the concept of "do right by" is a part of a growing human's education.

There is no such thing as Country on a Free Planet, or there shouldn't be.
There is no such thing as Economy, or none like we currently understand it.
There is no such thing as Corporate War, why should there be?

I see all these great enthusiastic capable people in the world, trying to do their best to fit their square peg into the round hole of Industry, to support their family. It's never easy. And it's never enough. Economy derives from the Franco-Latin verb economiser to 'use sparingly' or 'make do'. But Euro-Royal handing-off aka Politics has bastardised that phrase to mean 'be a manager of assets'. But these are FALSE ASSETS made for a Market that many times has to be Invented. A surplus market for stuff we rarely want or need. Sparkly non-essentials that merely distract you from the real things in life like Creativity, Passion and Kinship.

And a 'choking growth mentality' that no one planet can ever hope to sustain.

Short Sharp Summary: sorry, folks, 'bringing home the bacon' is a lie taught to us by a system we can no longer trust, a CDO or Criminal Dogma Organisation that is our True Enemy. Why should You The People be imprisoned (after so many failed Empires throughout history) by such a recurrent lie?


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