Endtime psychosis - Thomas Sheridan - Magic, Mythology and Megaliths

how we made the universe

While artist Thomas Sheridan in his recent video (Magic, Mythology and Megaliths, featured below) contends that 'the ancient gods and monsters are nothing but representations of natural devastational phenomena' i.e. comets and tsunamis etc. And that's a valid argument. However, this video reinforces Free Planet's current contention that 'mythology' is just a way for The Ancients to remember (geographically) where they live, to their children's children.

These 'dream journeys' or 'ancient stories' that we find in aboriginal-indigenous cultures and holy books from all corners of the Earth are more like a geographical memory map of our temporo-physical location as part of that tribal family that bore us, you know, than a 'simple transference of supernatural decoration' into the narrative realm of fireside scares. Myths ain't stories, they're real places - codified. I love how Sheridan re-interprets the brutal shame of the Roman Catholic Indoctrination all across Europe and the World. Lindisfarn being an excellent example of a 'soft military target'...

Watch this, it's conveniently mind-expanding...

in parallel to these 'creation myths and legends' is Free Planet's uber-contention that, "Maybe rock formation is LOTS MORE to do with Active Catastrophes like comets and tsunamis," than it is to do with gentle sedimentary deposition i.e. I'm saying that maybe rocks are A LOT YOUNGER than we've been told they are, and that brings up a whole 'nother bag of goodies to discuss.

Maybe our ENDTIME PSYCHOSIS happened only as recently as what the Creationist recognise as the Adam & Eve moment, when man came back from the brink of disaster - or as Thomas Sheridan puts it 2,500 BC.

ADDITIONAL MATERIAL: here's Sheridan exploring the way the Corporate War World recruits digital-ised psychopaths for key roles in their amoral for-profit patent-protect Companies...


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