Mike Philbin - 33rd Dichotomy Painting - Hulk Smash

33 Dichotomies Redux:
siege warfare is the name of this game...

Got up this morning and realised that now that I finally have a decent set of three 3-colour images (yesterday's abstract inspiration) I could go ahead and destroy the first set of three flaglike 22" x 18" 3-colour paintings I did back in February - never liked them. They were just doing nothing. I quickly realised I had the opportunity to complete the border-breaking set begun with these three paintings in around February or January...

I had to UNTHINKY LIKE A DEMON and really leave it down to 'pure artistic temperament' and 'fearless instinctive gestures', so I bought three more 22" x 18" canvases, chose strong complimentary colours, donned the rubber gloves again because of the toxic nature of the (glossier) paints I'd chosen for this section of the artistic battle and raw naked border-assault was my only course of action. These three sit very nicely within the 33 Dichotomies series and soon I want to exhibit the whole set, profesionally.

No safety net this time, nothing intellectual; just HULK SMASH.


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