Farage and Watson - double teaming the BREXIT issue

it'll happen soon, people, just be patient

UKIP Leader and British Representative Abroad, Nigel Farage, does what he does very well. And one must accept that he's got the backing of The Queen in his prestigious expenses-paid European role. You know he was the mischievous kid at the back of the class with all the intricate questions for his hapless tutors.

Personally, I love a) the look on the face of the woman in seat 122 and b) the way The (still leaderless) UK Conservative Party appear to have NO BUDGETARY PLAN ... the Bank of England has a plan and they announced it the day after the BrExit vote.

WATSON & MOLYNEUX: meanwhile, here's some fresh journalistic perspective on the subject of Great Britain rejecting the Corporate European Union mandate... thanks to Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux for telling it like (they think) it is.

So, the pound (sterling) adjusted itself down to a more attractive value against the dollar and the euro, and the initial rash of stock market jitters abated such that FTSE's once again above 6,200 where it was just before the referendum result came in.

Let's just forget about re-vote and get on with Issue One, "The UK's status in a Global Marketplace."


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