"Jesus Christ" - Origin of Christianity - The Piso Flavian Dynasty from AD 73

First, we covered Alan Wilson's Two Real British King Arthurs.

Then, we covered Ralph Ellis's King Jesus of Edessa, last of the Eygptian Pharoahs.

Now, (and I thought I'd already covered this issue a couple years ago but it's not on this blog now, so let's rake up old trodden earth once more), the following video The Piso-Flavian Dynasty states that AD 73 Titus Flavius was written into the New Testament as the prophecied Second Coming, as predicted by the written-in AD 33 Jesus or Iessus or Issa or Sirius or Pagan Green Man or whatever...

So, the New Testament was a Judaism-light gizmo that introduced a fake-Jesus to prophecy the coming second Christ i.e. Titus Flavius. The really interesting question is, "Why is the Bible?" a.k.a. the basis of this so-called Western Faith, "Why is the Bible ALL ABOUT ANCIENT EGYPT?" and it refers back to the Roman-written Christ story in many ways, including the date of Xmas and Santa and Ho-ho-ho...
Is this more about maths and stars than it is about magic and miracles?


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