Robert John Langdon - the sacred water sites - Stonehenge, Avebury, Old Sarem and Durrington Walls

at sites like Stonehenge, Avebury, Old Sarem and Durrington Walls you hear this commentary from archeologists, "The ditch was inside the bank," this is bad for defense but great for levelling off a water course or circular canal or 'harbour', should you want to deliver stones to a site that (at the time) was surrounded by water.

But this has implications, most importantly, that the Stone Builders of these British sites were the same sea-faring stone builders who eventually ferried great stone blocks to places like Egypt, Greece and Syria. SHIPS, of a sea-faring race, have been found at all these British sites... not merely ceremonial but the decommissioning of a working vessel. And also, this sets the creation dates of these British sites back to the post-glacial flooding after the last Ice Age i.e. 8,000+ B.C.

What brought on this investigation of author Robert John Langdon's 'debunking' of ancient British sites like Stonehenge, Avebury, Old Sarem and Durrington Walls was the simple fact that The Giza Plateau in Egypt was once a Divine Island beside a flooding Nile, thousands of years ago when the course of the Nile was hundreds of miles to the west of today's location. I thought, "Why were these other British sites built right beside water, not just a mile or so away from a modern River Avon as is the case with Stonehenge," and Langdon goes into great detail as to why he also thinks so...


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