Bronze Age Sword - British Leaf - Greek Xiphos

British or Greek?

so, what's that image of the glowing elven sword got to do with my so-called search for the ancient Welsh nations via Mediterranean traders/invaders in the middle of the first millennium before Christ i.e. 500 B.C. or so...

What's the connection, and why that scene from that Total European War film series Lord of the Rings and/or The Hobbit? This goes back to my continued investigations into the Coelbren alphabet that seems to have travelled from Turkey via Etruria and Portugal and on up to Wales.... it involves the contention that, "People of a certain race or nation will bring those things with them that define them."

So, look at the shape of the sword Bilbo Baggins receives, the glowing elven blade that glows in the presence of Orks. Omitting the fancy barbed handle, it's a classic leaf shaped sword such that was prevalent in the middle bronze age circa 500 BC in Britain and in Greece.

In Ancient Britain, it was seen as a leaf design bronze sword.
In Ancient Greece, it was called the Xiphos.

It's funny, to this blogger, that the same design of bronze sword co-exists in the Med and in the Valleys, at the same point in Earth's metallurgical journey.


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