Steven & Evan Strong - not Out of Africa - The Seven Sisters and two human gene lines

Neolithic 2,000°C + knife = lines on melted rock surface

over the last few days, I've been stunned... literally stunned... by the stunning work of two Australian researchers Steven & Evan Strong.

"One thing many people don't know is, Rebecca Caan and Allan Wilson the original proponents of the Out of Africa (Mitochondrial Eve) theory RECANTED." It's Australia... [source STRONG]

You can search for Steven & Evan Strong yourselves, there are lots of more-detailed video presentations out there (one of my favourites is on the Dr Rita Louise website, I have to admit I'm a bit obsessed with her alternative-Humanity stories) but this one sums it all up in the most concise manner. The Seven Sisters are the Pleiades, and fellow South African researcher Wayne Herschel's gonna be very excited to find this kind of corroboration of his own HOTs or Human Origin Theories.

"The Pleiades are our real Home," say the Ab-Original Elders, our real genetic fathers - and soon they'll show us how.

WEEK LATER UPDATE: found this accompanying duo of videos from Steve and Evan Strong titled THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD and it's about rocks... watch if you're at all interested in Ancient Technology and Lost Skills and Assets of a Missing Link in Human Ancestry.


Anonymous said…
no it is not. it is Ireland.
Mike Philbin said…
Quaid, thanks for that... many many nations, societies and tribes have been wiped from the face of the Earth.

Personally, I think this 'might' tie in with Robert Bauval's Black Genesis of Egypt, and he hasn't made the Ab-Original People connection YET.


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