The Great Pyramid in Giza - Metric dimensions show - it was built YESTERDAY

of course it's carved in (free-ma-sonic) stone

the METRE is a description of the radius, circumference and speed of rotation of this planet, Earth.

The central or Great Pyramid i.e. pyramid number two in the set of three at the Giza Plateau, is a picture of our own planet in stone and it's (trying to) teach us a very clever lesson involving maths and science and geography and astronomical cataclysm (and it has nothing to do with Carbon Taxation, people).


The obvious answer, and this is not mentioned in the above video nor in any 'alternative history' interpretation of The Giza Pyramid this blogger has watched, is that, "The Great Pyramid at Giza was clearly built YESTERDAY," and the builders are trying to open up our non-magical minds to the idea that Time Travel is as easy as a kid fitting a square block into a square hole, eventually. Each time we re-examine this geometric solid (isn't it evident that) it changes sufficiently so that as our intelligence grows we can accept it, intellectual fraction by fraction, over millennia. So that we aren't terrified by Some Strange New Intergalactic Reality where all this seeming magic is just The Everyday, and maybe it's what we do every night (when we're unconscious) when we dream.

When will someone think of re-routing the Nile (back to where it was 20,000 years ago) so that it can RE-ENERGISE this amazing extra-dimensional machine?

if (as researchers like Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock and others have suggested) the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx were co-created in the Age of Leo i.e. 10,500 BC, that's only THE FIRST (retrogressive) Age of Leo.

If we take the second (r) Age of Leo, we're talking about 36,000 BC and if we're talking about the third (r) then that's 62,000 BC...
How far back does this Super Intelligent High Technology Ancient Monument builder race stretch? For how long have they been missing from the human timeline? Were they even human?

At some point, the limestone (insulating) casing stones will appear and we'll have all forgotten that this is another new part of the Great Big Puzzle Box that this structure is (blatantly) offering mankind.


GSOE said…
Rerouting de Nile is just like it sounds. It's a Group Effort and depends on everyone showing up and doing their jobs. :)

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