Brien Foerster - Puma Punku And Tiahuanaco In Bolivia - Definitive Analysis

initial findings by Brien Foerster at (same location, effectively) Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku, suggest smelting factories for metal-working and metallurgy, not temples. Certain types of stone at both sites appear to be HIGHLY RADIOACTIVE, like seven times background radiation!

  • Background radiation @ Tiahuanaco = 21
  • Background radiation @ Puma Punku = 90

The demise of this ancient (dual)site suggests that a tsunami from (nearby) Lake Titikaka covered the site in feet of mud and debris. We're talking a Pre-Inca Pre-Maya Pre-Aztec Pre-Toltec catastrophe that eradicated a race of humanity from the planet. Maybe this wave was akin to Pompei's fateful event...


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