Ancient Archaeology - the rock wall - Rockwall TX

Oh, what's this little thing?

It's a picture of a wall. An ancient rock wall. In Rockwall TX (that's Texas, for those who don't know, in the U.S of A.). An almost intact buried rectangular wall 4 miles wide and 7 miles long. The top of the wall at all outcroppings found to date have a uniform elevation of 550 feet above mean sea level.

Most people living in Rockwall TX don't even know that their city was named after an ancient Rock Wall that was found while some FreeMasons were digging a well looking for water a long time ago.

Josh Reeves is undertaking an investigation into this strange man-made boundary but it's an interesting beginning...

SUPPLEMENTARY FOOTAGE: here Reeves really goes off on one in his attempt to resolve the Giant Mound City Builders question... sourcing reference material from Star Trek: Into Darkness.


ourichie said…
I grew up in Rockwall. It's a natural formation

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