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Planetary gaming - Universe gaming - Asset stripper design limitations.

So, games like Eve Online, Elite Dangerous, Dual Universe, Star Citizen and No Man's Sky... what are they hoping to achieve, gameplaywise?

They're all set in space ... and SPACE IS VERY verrrrry BIG.

To strip the fuck out of the newly-discovered universe. Even the mostly-positive No Man's Sky is an evil asset strip of every innocent planet a player finds.

Same with Star Citizen, it's a fucking ugly mess of rocket fuel and quantum fuel and oxygen-farming and assets to PROFIT from. This kind of OPEN UNIVERSE with LACK OF CREATIVE POSITIVITY makes a true-sandbox-gamer like myself ill. Same with ALL OF THEM...

All of these space games are suffering from this basic ego-maniacal design-limitation, the accrual of stolen asset. All's we're doing is teaching the kids of tomorrow how to FUCK EACH OTHER OVER for a few silver coins in a bag. Sorry, that's the wrong thing to be teaching the kids of tomorrow. It's one of the major reasons I got out of the games indu…

Electric Universe - Jacob Gable - Electric Comets and Plasma Serpents in the Lab

Jacob Gable is re-creating archetypal plasma formations in his low-pressure jars in his 'lab'.

Snakes digging for food.
Craters cratering the rims of craters.
Dualism of Birkeland circuit pairs reigning supreme.

seventeenth 9/11 anniversary - Trump/Pence speeches - same old corporate same old


how utterly fucking disgusting and cynical, mainslime media here in UK, I'm talking about BBC and SKY obvz, is regurgitating the time-worn corporate message of 19 so-called arabs flying two planes into three buildings and VOMIT HORROR BULLSHIT CONVLUTED HERO story later, I'm still as stunned as I am every fucking 9/11 anniversary.

How can the people who support this Corporate Conspiracy to Deceive and Delay Truth-finding with their mainstream news platforms sleep at night, knowing (or at least HEAVILY SUSPECTING) that the nonsense tale of hi-jacking and bullseye targeting of 'a pair of very thin buildings' at that speed and altitude by coccaine-arab pilots who were fucking shit in all their Cesna lessons the 3-letts paid for...

I'd like to start this post again, with less emotional vocabulary but you know what, "Fuck Political Correctness!" on this (and other false-flag) issue(s). Today's 17th Annivesary Pence speech was dog vomit. Today…

Electric Universe - David Icke - Saturn Worship

of all the alternative-mindset concepts the Free Planet blog has featured, like 9/11 and UFOs and Growing Earth and gah there's loads of them, Talbott and Thornhill's ELECTRIC UNIVERSE has proven to be the most alluring... for myself and others.

While I've been banging on about electric universe for a few years now, I'm habitually 50/50 as to whether I totally subscribe to Talbott and Thornhill's ideas about having an ancient sun (i.e. Saturn) that was depicted in carving and symbolism by ancient man and carried through to modern times by the secretive Freemasonic and other agencies.

Electric Universe seems to (want to) negate 'gravity' and 'collisions' as the guiding dynamic of the universe and promotes the idea that 'we are all part of the electric matrix' that glows or doesn't glow depending on the electrical potential across the light years. Venus is so hot, so young, there's no way it can be considered part of the standard accr…