Free Planet's favourite 9/11-truth video - fun and funky - concise and scathing

I love this concise and scathing, fun and funky, 9/11-truth video from James Corbett - it's well worth re-viewing.

OH, AND HERE'S ANOTHER: and this one's a classic because it goes into great detail about the potential who's and why's and what's of the actions of the people on the day, The Controllers maybe of the whole GAME PLAN

In the legal arena of The Evidential System this would be 'enough evidence' to hang most of the involved. But it won't hang all those involved in the Private Military Exercise to govern global influence with False Flaggings. It's your gov's who are to blame, they're playing their own (privatised) game.

IN OTHER SYNDICATE NEWS: the new website to promote the "Free Planet vs War World" dual-duelling trilogies by artist/writer Mike Philbin has just been launched. Click below to visit:

it's a galactic war for the rights to your mind


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