Electric Universe - Galactic influence on evolution - Earth has an alternative timeline

I've been asking the people who run the Electric Universe and are involved in the Thunderbolts Project for an alternative timeline for planet Earth, as we call it.

According to their concept of how galaxies, stars and planets form, and based on observations noted down in mythology of an alien electric sky and its gods, Earth might not be the slow-accretion slow-sedimentation slow-evolution rock that we've all thought.

Hell, if you can carve out a catastrophic mountain range like the Rockies in a few moments of electrical discharge activity between near-colliding planets (one native, one (ours) foreign) then what is the real age of the rock and the dinosaurs one might find in it?

Earth is proposed to have arrived with other planetary bodies like Mars and (brown dwarf star) Saturn and a new-born plasma-expelled Venus only very recently as they were electrically captured by our Sun. A massive gravity change due to dropping out of Saturn's electrical influence caused the deaths of many of the large dinosaurs and the formation of the mountains and salty oceans. That the best-sun Saturn 'went away, after eating its children' is catalogued in all the mythologies and stories from human history.

But when did all this happen? Here's the full two-part docu-drama...


morbas said…
Study: Cipher proof of an emergent Phanerozoic diachronous transition driver. The pattern is our ICS Chronostratigraphic time line, hidden in plain view. Proof resolves major pernicious paradigms to include: Dinosaur Extinction, Karoo ICE Carboniferous transition, Cambrian-Precambrian transition dating interplay with extreme power Plasma Electric Galaxy. Resolved,a hidden Milky Way structure, as an enlightenment paradigm.

Any interest here in geologic support for an electic SOL-Galaxy pattern?

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