Adriano Raeli - Ferrari F80 concept car - sex on wheels

as you can tell from the massive apertures between wheels and body, this Ferrari F80 concept design from Adriano Raeli is proposed as a two-seater semi-tandem ROAD LEGAL F1 CAR.

An interesting tidbit of the F80 is the car’s inspiration. Obviously many stallions in Ferrari’s lineage have their place in the car’s styling, but Raeli says his motivation came from the Next Generation Air Dominance program (NGAD), a military venture to appoint the next wave of air superiority fighters. [source DIGITAL TRENDS]

I'd love the see this shapely beast a) alongside a standing human, for scale, with a door open b) blasting through Monaco's legendary Tunnel at full rip.


Marilyn said…
The new Ferrari wouldn't turn this woman on---it tries too hard. Winds up looking cartoonish. ---Marla
Mike Philbin said…
Oh, of course, it's Utterly Absurd, but you know what they say about Boy's Toys.


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