forced belief isn't real belief
"What's a BELIEF REBOOT, Mike?"

Glad you asked.
Have you ever actually 'thought' about what 'belief' is?
Or are you just going along with the herd and praising god or worshipping his way?

I know, I know, it's Sunday, a so-called religious day, but it could be any day of any year. The working week is something that's been hammered into the 'working populace' like the 'belief in god' was hammered into the mindset of the pre- and post- medieval mindset by the then-global ad-campaign called The Inquisition.

I mean, we're an intelligent race - this is obvious. Look how far we've come in the last few thousand years since hunter-gatherer tribes switched to farms and towns. But at what cost? Money? Riches? Jewellery? Slavery to debt. Slavery to earnings. Slavery to god. Ghosts. The Spirit Realm. Creation Myths.

We all love a good magic show, spectacle or 'miracle'. 

We're an intelligent race but it's all misplaced. We're an easily-dazzled audience that's 'all too easy' to convince that something's real when it patently isn't. Look over here, distraction happened. Yay! It's like we LIKE being conned of our common sense and our natural empathy towards others. We like being turned into military units and corporate workforces and prostitutes of our natural skillset against our better judgement. We've forgotten how to enjoy, how to exist, how to be. We're a slave race to just a few stupid stories.

In reality, nothing's changed.
We're still there, in the Dark Ages, all of us.
Still suffering the tortures of VIOLENT INDOCTRINATION and state-sanctioned MIND CONTROL.
Put literally, we're too afraid not to believe.
We're doomed.

"That's bullshit, Mike, I am my own man, and I have my own belief systems." you're screaming at the page.



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