Free Planet's new mantra - listen to Free Planet sing - rejoice for soon it will be returned to her

"I have not come here to give you Free Planet, I have come here to help Free Planet claim back what's rightly its."

In a perfect world, mankind would just 'disappear' from the face of the Earth for a hundred years or so, so that his Corporate Sins of Rape & Pillage could be appeased and the Free Planet rejuvenated. The 'free planet' wants it back from human corruption, for the sake of all the children's children. Free Planet wants an official (global) reboot; humanity failed, greed failed, share and make better is the only way forward. Now, what does Free Planet say about all this? That's the important question. And are we listening?

Meanwhile, here's a new 2015 FPM or Free Planet Meditation piece for you'all:


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