The original Brits are Basque? - Stephen Oppenheimer's DNA research - plus Bodmer update...

a couple of months ago, Free Planet told of the work of Oxford College's Sir Walter Bodmer that gave a strong case for the claim that The Welsh are the True British and this lends further weight to my current fetish with the Brythonic-Coelbren research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett who claim that there were two Welsh Kings called Arthur and that each kicked out both the Romans and the Anglo-Saxons during their respective reigns.

image © Bodmer/Wellcome
Here's a nice graphic from the above-mentioned Oxford-Bodmer research that shows a) most of the UK population up until the Roman Invasion of AD40 comprised of mostly Germanic Beaker people and b) there was a MAJOR MASS LONG-TERM MIGRATION of Northern French hunters or farmers, or at least people who contributed greatly to the genetic stock of the UK, some time after the original post-ice-age Germanic migration and some time before the Roman invasion.

If you look closely, you will see that the large wedge of Northern French pie that makes up the majority of southern British DNA is absent from the Welsh colonies, hence the statement that "The Welsh are the True British". But wait a minute...

And I asked this of Sir Walter Bodmer this morning, "Does this still leave the "Welsh" as early-Germanic from the post-ice-age migration? Or is it that you're only pie-charting those European components that are most likely for such an age? I'm asking are you initially-discounting a genetic contribution from the Mediterranean/Syrian/Egyptian sea-faring blood lines? Or are they just not their in the rural samples you've taken?" 

Bodmer replies, "The pre Roman migration suggested by our data was NOT a mass migration but probably a steady trickle over a long period of time , possibly simply people were looking for new opportunities. The Welsh are decidedly not early Germanic, whatever that means. It is their lack of obvious Germanic i.e. Saxon and the pre Roman contribution that makes them the best candidate for being closest to the original Britons. The rural samples has nothing to do with these basic observations except to enhance the possibility of having made them."

Interestingly, DNA-researchers like Stephen Oppenhemier have made a stronger case for The Basque People as being the original mass-migrators to these post-ice-age pre-Roman lands. I'd also like to see the linguistic connectivity between the Basque language and the Welsh language... but that's for a later post, maybe.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION #1: at the same time as these ancient Basque people (from northern Spain) moved up the coast into the UK, people from the Bordeaux region of France (known as the Clovis people) moved around the ice sheet into the east Americas. A massive impact event around this time caused the extinction of both the Clovis and Mammoth in the east Americas and may have started off the Younger Dryas mini-ice age that lasted 1,300 years.
New research by UC Santa Barbara geologist James Kennett and an international group of investigators has narrowed the date of a cosmic impact that triggered an abrupt cooling episode known as the Younger Dryas to a 100-year range, sometime between 12,835 and 12,735 years ago. [source PHYS ORG]

What I'm saying is, "As recently as 13,000 years ago, European mankind was nearly wiped out."

Remember how fragile and vulnerable humanity is on this Free Planet.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION #2: and here's Barry Cunliffe (mentioned at the end of the first Oppenhemier video) explaining/confirming how the Celts most likely originated in the Atlantic European coastal tribes i.e. Iberia or Basque. And how the Celts in Wales, Scotland and Ireland were the indigenous people later invaders like the Mediterraneans and Romans and Anglo-Saxons encountered.


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