Electric Universe - Space News - Pluto just got wierd--er...

Pluto is a diverse outer solar system set of self-orbiting rocks... but it also displays Electric Universe properties and has an x-ray signature associated with a comet-like corona extending many times the times of the planet indicating interaction with the solar wind.

Pluto's probably going to show similar plasmatic stretch marks and birthing pains of a planet like Mars or Venus with its vast flat areas of electric machining and distinct lines of electric cratering which can agglomerate into vast equatorial canyons like Mars' Valles Marineris or Earth's Grand Canyon - both electrically formed in the recent past.

PROTO-SATURNIAN TIME FRAME: this is the only element that's currently missing from the Electric Universe thesis on the Sun and the Solar System planets (native or imported)... there is suggetsion that 'our forefathers' in ancient times told stories and carved images of a vastly different Electric Sky than the one we see today. It's a mythology-of-skygods that only exists in story, like a massive electric balancing equation has pushed apart and separated those planets from some former dominant attractor i.e. not the sun. EU claims that as recent as 5,000 or less years ago mankind was recording an alien sky of dancing plasma gods but there's no timeline or timeframe for the entry of such a proto-sun (named as Saturn) to be electrically captured and then electrically resolved such that the Saturnian satellites at the time might now adopt their current Solar System orbits.

Where is the Electric Universe TIME FRAME for the incursion of proto-Saturn in brown dwarf form into the Sun's electric net? Once that's available for debate then ELECTRIC COSMOLOGY has a chance of becoming real science.


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