Abby Martin - Jesse Ventura - Off The Grid + 9/11 re-investigation!

Jesse Ventura, god bless him, he's trying hard to get to the truth, but he has NO FUCKING CHANCE.

The stakes are too high, we're talking TOTAL GLOBAL FINANCIAL-MIND DOMINATION and we're supposed to just lie on our fucking backs and piss on our own stomachs.

Abby Martin growls spunkily, but it's all for nought - until we have a Free Planet, stripped of all patents and profit, we're fucked.


Fook INGSOC said…
Cui Bono? whose benefit did 9/11 happen???..not the average American Citizen!...not just that, everyone that has put up with these FAKE terrorist attacks and shootings has developed "Stockholm Syndrome" en masse!

Time to take this entity known as the U.S. Corp Gov to court and SUE the pants off of them for all the SHIT that we've been put through!
Mike Philbin said…
well, frankly, until we understand that ALL THIS WAR is done in the name of Profit and Patent, we're screwed.

We need to instigate the de-funding of the Extinction Economics Enslavement world to find where we really belong in The Grand Scheme oc Things.

We need TOTAL DISSEMINATION of the true actions of our privately lobbied govs.

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