VOCP - Voluntary One Child Policy - doing what's right for Free Planet

VOCP or Voluntary One Child Policy.
how we bring planet Earth back under our rightful Custodianship.

There are megalomaniacs and genetic engineers out there who suggest that we should Logan's Run the future to avoid endemic Soylent Greenism, this means agree to have our parents murdered by the state after a certain age and/or turn certain parts of the Human Race into FOOD to feed the unworthy breeders.

Free Planet says, "Leave the planet better than you found it."
Free Planet says, "Live within your means, for free."
Free Planet says, "Be your own man, don't listen to all that dogma and bullshit."

So, with this in mind, and I've already signed up to it, "It's time for all families to adopt a VOCP or Voluntary One Child Policy."

Globally, there are fifty-six million deaths per year so this means that over a ten year period there'll be five-hundred-and-sixty million less of us. Not even a billion lives less. And the rutting will still continue. So we're still going to be nudging (at least) six billion humans for a very long time. This shows we don't need more than one child per family, forever. Diversity of the species is far more important to the survival of our race, not local weddings for neighbours who covet. We do this TO SAVE OUR WORLD.

Are you in, or are you a Menace to Humanity? 


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