G3 or Global Gambling Game - I am not a game player - Free Planet's new mantra

I am not a game player.

Say it, say, "I am not a game player," and know what it means to make a stand for your Free Planet.

Being a 'game player' means putting your head in the sand and hoping that the evil monster will never trespass into your soft and comfortable dreams.

But it's already there.

Every day.

Haunting and Terrorising you.

You're there, right now. You can feel the sand in your ears. You're unable to truly breath. You hate where you are but you think it's your only option. It's what your mommy and your daddy told you was the right and proper thing to do. It's what your religious leaders and politicians and war-mongers tell you to do. It's what THE WAR WORLD OF PROFIT insists that you do.

Keep your head where it's at. Keep playing. Keep (unintentionally) funding their game for them. All will be well, as long as you don't pull your head out. As long as you keep thinking, "This is the way Humanity works," this is how we progress into the future.

Head in the sand is a shallow, dark, irritable place - where you have no voice.

Say it once, say, "I am not a game player," and suddenly your head's up, out of the obscuring covert sand, you're seeing 'the game' for what it really is...


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