White Solutreans From Stone-Age Europe the True and First Native Americans.

The Clovis person's genome is as far from Western Europe as it is possible to go.

this title is a 'bit deceptive' in that, "There is no trace of the Solutreans (S.W. French) having survived or evolved in USA," so they can't technically be termed 'the first Native Americans' in the same sense that I can't be called Japanese just because I took a flight there once and ate some of their rice/fish/meat.

The Solutreans were travellers, like the Vikings who visited The Americas after them, and then the Spanish/Portuguese/British Empires... who came to rape riches and kill aboriginals who opposed their 'god'. Is that language the Solutreans are speaking PIE or Proto Indo European?

Question for the real Native Americans (those Chinese/Russians) aka the Clovis People who came through the Bering Straight about 8,000 BC and populated The Americas, "What was this land called before it was called The Americas?" or was it just 'named tribal lands' or the first corporations?

"WITH FULL STOMACHS, life is good." I like this quote from the dramatised story of the Solutreans (above), and it's also a cornerstone of Free Planet realism.


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