Corbett Report - 2014 - Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia

Free Planet has (obviously) taken its eye off the conspiracy ball in recent years, otherwise why miss this excellent (informative (horrific (gut-wrenching))) Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia presentation by James Corbett of Corbett Report at the Studium Generale in Groningen NL on November 19, 2014.

‘Operation Gladio B’--the continuation of the old NATO Gladio program--covers a tangled web of covert operatives, billionaire Imams, drug running, prison breaks and terror strikes. Its goal: the destabilization of Central Asia and the Caucasus. [source CORBETT]

Really interesting viewing, as always, people...

GLADIO B 2016: so, two years on, did Corbett's paranoid-conspiracy fears pan out?
Why not take a look at this follow-up Corbett Report Special on the (just a few weeks ago) quickly-quashed Turkish military coup - Sibel Edmonds of Boiling Frogs Post and Spiro Skouras of Newsbud are guests.


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