Mike Philbin - Introversions & Dichotomies - Threes and other Wallowings

Continuing with the painting in threes or The Holy Trinity, I wanted a homage to the glowing presence of the sun at the back of all our cloud; that ray of inspiration that keeps us going on when we might consider giving up. Initially, I had hoped that I could do all three in the style of the blue one, but (once again) the colour combinations took over and here are the results. All today's "Wallowings" retain a defined prominence of golden Ra about them, so it's not a total failure.

80 cm by 60 cm and I can't work out if these paintings are upsidedown or not, I like them either orientation.

One of the scariest and most essential features of 'creating a body of work' is that (while enjoying the game of syntax and grammar) one must never forget THE BASIC PREMISE upon which that batch of art was based. It came the time to re-examine that first (vertical or portrait) prototype piece, and see if I could use the things I'd learned in the last six months to reproduce that naivety and spontaneity I'd always hoped I could achieve with these Abstract Expressionist works.

50 cm by 50 cm and it's so refreshing for a conceptual project to bear syntactical and grammatical fruit.


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