JRubiales Artista - Spanish photorealism - Disneyworld via the Med

Free Planet's accidental quest to uncover the best of Spanish art continues with this morning's chance encounter, J Rubiales from Onteniente eastern Spain, just across from the island of Mallorca.

Rubiales is a proper photorealist in the Americana-ised sense, dealing with graffiti'd city streets and vignettes of glossy consumerism but there's a distinctive set of Mediterranean fishing boats (example above) that are a delight to view.

Those in the relevant art-study field can't help but notice Rubiales loving reference or intentional homage to the photorealist great Chuck Close, but his seemingly cynical anti-commercial twist on it playes out in his Beatles set or his Disneyworld set (examples below) sets his work above and beyond the duty of rational creators of realism that's photo-paintic.


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