Electric Universe - gravitational galactic centre - no black hole or holes

Yesterday, on my lunch break in the sweltering centre of Oxford, I met a colleague from my recent years as an Oxford bus driver and we ended up chatting about Hawkings' Radiation and Black Holes... as you do.

"There are no black holes at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy," was my bold claim, followed by a heated discussion about the stars at the centre of our spiral galaxy that have been mapped over the last few decades to be spinning around some central focal point at very high orbiting speeds.

"There's your Black Hole," he stated emphatically. I disagreed and suggested he look into the Electric Universe model of galaxies and globular interconnectivity. Whilst searching by chance, this morning, I found the exact introductory interview with Wal Thornhill that goes into the subject of Plasma Core Streams and a Galactic Core Charge that spins the middle of the spiral galaxy faster than the outer arms, and the stars in that circuit follow the path and pace of the local electric flux. Leap to 00:12:00 point if you wanna just listen to the Centre of the Galaxy material... but it's all good.

For me, Electric Universe vs Gravitational Universe is still (absolutely technically speaking) up in the air, but I like EU (a lot) and for me it's visible evidence of science moving forward - one hopes...

ADDITIONAL EU MATERIAL: this Electric Solar System presentation from researcher Dr Michael Clarage is also worth a look...


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