There is no God - Only the Stars - and the Stars are ELECTRIC:


Electric Universe can be seen as 'the ultimate materials technology leap" for future mankind on Free Planet. EU is far more relevant to how the universe really works than its Newtonian/Einsteinian predecessor, gravity.

Once you've looked at your world, your star system, your universe via this new diagnostic material or tool, it will never be the same again.

More "electrical engineers" and "material scientists" need to come forward to utilise this new way to measure/manipulate our (known) universe.

on a seemingly disconnected topic, the most recent Cretaceus-Tertiary mass-extinctions of the dinosaurs is tied in heavily with a deposited layer of iridium (supposedly from the impact meteor itself) but...

Thus the theory of electrical erosion due to electrical discharges briefly outlined above indicates the physical reasons for the peculiar property of platinum and iridium in resisting erosion by an electrical discharge and therefore for their general suitability as contact or spark gap electrodes, as far as that particular property is concerned. [source TECHNOLOGY]

Iridium (and Platinum) are RESISTANT to electrical erosion when used as material components of automotive spark plugs. Why is this important to the meteor-claimed mass-extinction event in the Cretaceus-Tertiary period? Well, if the extinction were to have happened as the Earth shifted (or was electrically forced) out of the proto-Saturnian system via a massive plasmatic rebalancing a) the mass of the expelled Earth will have risen, crushing those mega-fauna and flora and b) the only feasible remnant of such a vast electrical discharge event in the plasma-affected region would be the resilient Iridium, and/or Platinum.

PS: the measure of time across millions of sedimentary years might not be valid...


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