Free Planet - Electric Sun - Powering the Galactic Transaction


Free Planet is of the opinion that every dreaming night we upload new drivers (plural) to our multi-dimensional universal-plasma-connected organic vehicle. We are the plasma-rechargable machines that let the creatures of the universe travel from point to point, night by night. Jog-shuttle control swapping from here to there...

One can think of the sun (our closest star) as a pinched nodule on one of the numerous dual-frond energy paths that connect all parts of our galaxy and maybe all parts of the universe. We must see these vast plasmatic connections as akin to the more-intimate paths in a human brain, where our consciousness resides. We must understand that this mega-parsec transmission of high-energy electricity supercedes the so-called gravity-universe (and light) by an order of 10^36, and any electrical transactions take place INSTANTANEOUSLY anywhere they happen.

Plus, there's a most obvious galactic plasma energy source i.e. our sun, we're not intelligently using for our own purposes...


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