Juno mission - Jupiter glowing - infrared spectrum and radio emissions

Juno mission update, here are the first detailed views of Jupiter, glowing at the infrared end of the spectrum and the kinds of radio signals its plasma-interactions with the solar electric circuit can generate.

NB: opposing laminar flows of this nature are a feature of both fluid dynamics and plasma dynamics.

ADDITIONAL JOVIAN DISCOURSE: here's another video discussing measuring the wobbling gravity across the face of Jupiter, from pole to pole... note that laminar-flowing plasma-discharge belts (which align with cloud formations in the videos above) are EXPECTED to alter gravitational measurements at any point along the surface of Jupiter. Gravity, in the Electric Universe model, is said to be a net output of squished or squishing electric dipoles at the atomic level. If this squishing is altered by the plamas that form the belts of clouds upon Jupiter than gravity will be expected to change. Go figure...


Unknown said…
..they probably have enough information (at least the Secret Black Space Program does) to prove Jupiter has a subspace signature in the low energy bands (ssn < 100 Kev)see:





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