Mike Philbin art - Introversions and Dichotomies 2017 - metallic paint gold and silver series

My abstract paintings, for the last 12 months have been exclusively (unvarnished (or ungel'd)) emulsion on canvas.
"Mike, why emulsion," why not gloss them up or add a gel'y covering to make them pop...

I don't want them to 'pop', "Art should remain in the background," art should be understated, mute, know its fucking place.

Until this last week or so, when I just tried it out, I bought these pots of metallic paint, larger than I normally choose, and was able to explore three paintings with the new medium. Silver and gold. I think (by the last image of three) I'm just about getting to sense what the material is capable of.

Glad I glam'd....

2 x 50cm by 50cm, metallic on canvas

50cm by 40cm, metallic on canvas
50cm by 50cm, metallic on canvas


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