2017 the Search for Answers to more Questions.

this year, one should like to see 'some form of resolution to' a number of issues, listed below:

a re-painted image from early 2016
1) thirty-year anniversary-exhibition of my 2016-onwards abstract paintings.
My first one man show of thirty-two life-size psycho-figurative oil paintings was at St Helens Museum & Art Gallery in 1987. NB: while I didn't like the painting above (it was too early in the slow progressive phase of the 2016-paintings, too radical a development of both colour and form) I still believe this painting holds many of the keys to the forthcoming 2017-paintings in this abstract series. It's loss will be my art-gain. All in good time.

2) Free Planet becomes a worldwide phenomena.
War World (your current corporate horror world) must be allowed to crumble, organically... what happens then is up to You The People of all nations, a global agreement for our children's children.

3) Wilson/Blackett's Kings Arthurs I and II and so-called British History.
While I still have my doubts, I want closure on this very-intriguing concept that Arthur I and Arthur II really did protect the nation from many phases of invasion. Maybe also that they were wiped out by a massive meteorite in 562 AD allowing Anglo-Saxon spread into desolated lands of central England.

4) Thornhill/Talbott's Electric Universe, Electric Sun and proto-Saturn.
Electric sun, why not.
Electric universe, makes sense.
But proto-Saturn as the STARaround which the dinosaurs and (ultimately) modern man evolved... the jury needs more time to consider its verdict.

5) Ancient Stone-cutting (laser or sound) Cutting:
and then there's this, a massive stone open box cut from a lump of (7/10 on the Mohs-scale) rose granite in 2,000 BC that's impressive enough in itself, but then there's the back of the thing and potential evidence of stone-slicing technology that's the equivalent of 'a hot knife through butter'...


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