Electric Universe - traumatic energy - can the human mind be made to forget?

THE NEXT BIT IS PURE SPECULATION and I haven't looked into the scientific application of using electricity to wipe a person's brain, let alone wipe the collective memory of an era of people, but I'm going to progress with my word-salad.

What if...

...all around the world monuments made using technology that seems VERY CONTEMPORARY like perfectly symmetrical quartz-laden marble sculptures with tools that couldn't cut through that are smoothed to a glass-like sheen, organic polymer concrete, circular saws that appear to be wafer thin yet able to slide through granite cuboids to fom the sarchophogii or the Nile Delta... 100 and 200 tonnes block quarrying and movement to temple... whole temples carved out of a limestone hillside.... I mean, the list goes on.

We're supposed to have got to the point we are at now (technologically) after some long haul out of a basic hunter-gatherer existence some three thousand years ago. We suspect that the great archeological discoveri…

Star Citizen - four years on - the grand re-build

EDITORIAL: yeah, I do realise I've invested far too much of my own valuable time on planet Earth assessing a game I'm not being paid to improve yet...

If a game giant like Sega, Konami or Nintendo were making the Star Citizen demo, at this four-year point in its development with the first full-size planet Hurston about to attract thousands of interested backers, they would GUT THE WHOLE THING. Yes, this is how the Big Games are made. They muck about for half a decade then scrap most of it, building and refining upon ONLY THOSE THINGS THAT WORK properly or fulfil the desired spec of their intended product.

Design-wise, Star Citizen currently looks weird and fractured like it's been hammered together from different bits of scrap metal. This is not even a surprise considering the game was Kickstarter-pitched as a carrier-launched space-flight-sim-game like Star Wars X-wing (which was great) and a CryEngine'd version of something like that would have been lovely. Then plan…

Electric Universe posts the best counter-argument yet to Standard Cosmology

This is just a lovely, and cogent, and detailed editorial on the subject of 'the emptiness of deep space' as described by Standard Cosmology.

ELECTRIC UNIVERSE, I'm telling you, this is going to be how we have to see our universe.

9/11 update - Dr Judy Wood - the ALCHEMY device

"The ability to transmute the atoms of our existence into SOMETHING ELSE!" according to Dr Judy Wood in this 2017 interview, you could DUSTIFY the entire planet with this free-energy Tesla device.

Seriously, more important than who clicked the GO BUTTON on the 9/11 Operation, is the use of a spectacular free energy tool for the whole of mankind, not just some military economic coup in the name of Secured & Arbitrary Corporate Governance of 200,000,000 people in the USA.

The Twin Towers turned to dust in mid-air, we know this because all the falling tonnage should have left a much larger seismic footprint and far much more solid debris than actually resulted on the morning of September 11th 2001.

"He who controls the people, but he who controls their perception controls everything," Dr Judy Wood

FORGOTTEN TECHNOLOGY DISCOURSE: on the subject of forgotten technology throughout History mentioned in the above inerview, were things get discovered in earlier centuries,…

the best HISTORY OF JAPAN you'll ever see

just watch, in wonder...

Haruki Murakami - Commending Killatory - dramatic new book review....

wow, did I really just type, Commending Killatory? That would appear to be the new Spoonerism for Haruki Murakami's Killing Commendatore from Harvill Secker, just released in hardback.

Remember, I've been Haruki Murakami's #1 fan for donkey's years. Well, this is a bit of an exaggeration, "I like the way he writes softly-surreal dip-in anecdotal-fiction that seems to have NO BEGINNING and NO END." that's brave. I respect that. Especially when your book is 700+ pages long and is sloooooooow. That's not too bad, it was an easy read, and I didn't once get bored. I really enjoyed it, in fact...

but this uncomfortable spectre hanging over all those pages... this "my breasts aren't growing" thing, from the young girl painted in the book at the whim of her might-be-father. More on that later.
He's MURAKAMI now, remember; not the Haruki Murakami s he's been for the last dozen works...

That's the name he's using now on his b…

Biblical Creationism inadvertantly explains the Electric Universe

I watched the forthcoming videos NOT with an eye to proving the Creationist agenda (dated by adding the ages of the parents of parents in the Bible) but of some great interstellar catastrophe involving our best sun as the Egyptians called the brown-dwarf Saturn, a star where the plasma sheath extends out way beyond its surface under less electric pressure than the high electric pressure of our Sun.

Iff we can convince ourselves that our sun was not the first star this planet neighboured, then, when proto-Saturn arrived into the sun's electric influence with its planet in tow, ours included, any exchange of parent star would result in a MASSIVE ELECTRICAL STORM until stability of new orbit was attained. There's also a gravity issue as Earth's inabitants shift from a high plasma (low gravity) position inside the plasma sheath of proto-Saturn to a low plasma (high gravity) distant from the surface of their new sun.

I suspect the Atlantic and Pacific trenches were carved elect…