Thursday, December 08, 2016

HC Unit - Carbon cycle - four spinning valences

HC Unit, I don't even really know what that means, but four of them seem to make a non-excessing (or no-net-charge) Helium atom, the first Nobel gas. Twenty of them seem to make a non-excessing (or no-net-charge) Neon atom, the next Nobel gas. Twelve of them therefore have four valence gaps in their ring or cycle... i.e. Carbon 12.

I suspect that the 'atomic structure' of the larger-ring atoms is based on the arrangement of the previous 'nobel' atoms otherwise seen as four kinks in the HC12 chain i.e. Carbon would have a 'structural' or 'virtual'  +0-0  Helium at the core of its twelve with the eight remaining outer HCs-in-the-chain offering the valence of what we call four outer shell electrons in particle-speak.

We make the 'virtual helium' in the HC12 chain by taking the first HC of each three-HCs in the twelve chain, this gives us the classical +o-o of Helium while retaining the cycle of the twelve HCs that line up to make the Carbon atom. Each of the remaining eight HCs in the chain is paired off as either a o- or a o+ standing out from the 'atom'. This allows a single HC valency to move into the gap left in the Carbon12 chain forming four new 'virtual helium'  +o-o  i.e. no net charge rings.

HC UNIT NOBEL GASES SCHEMATIC: here's a 2016 i.e. cleaner, version of my Nobel gas element solutions... remember, the 4, 20 and 36 HC units follow the  +o-o  cycle all around their relative atoms. No matter how many of them it takes. They're all (technically) 90 degrees out of synch with their neighbour and form ONE SINGLE CHAIN.

Yes, there is still a REAL QUESTION why the measured atomic masses of the larger and larger elements tend to exceed the 2xvalency of the earlier or lighter atoms. I still suspect this is due to some technical complication with the way atoms are WEIGHED using electromagnetic path-bending equipment. I think the 'extra weight' is a virtual error, for a system that doesn't take into account the higher electro-magnetic profile of these 'more massive' atoms.

Mike Philbin - Introversions & Dichotomies 2016 re-paints - indefinite stay of execution granted

I was going to re-paint these three awful 90cm x 60 cm emulsion-on-canvas 4-colour swirl-things, as I have many others to date. I planned how to do it and was just about ready to buy the over-painting paint-pairs.

But then I wasn't really sure that (in the end) deciding the fate of artwork should be my role in life. Whose to say there isn't someone out there for whom these pieces (that I don't like, and others I've destroyed/re-painted) mean a great deal. A painter paints, and that's a painter's lot...

I should confess my sins, this post is my penance.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Transformers - The Last Knight - brand new first trailer

I'll admit, "I've loved all these Transformers films thus far," well done Michael Bay for just DELIVERING all these years.

Here's the trailer for #V or Transformers Five: the last knight...

Sunday, December 04, 2016

John Chappell Memorial Lecture - Stars in an Electric Universe - Wal Thornhill

Stars form at the intergalactic pinch-points of double-helix Berkeland Currents?

Our local star, the Sun, isn't a nuclear star, it's an electric-pinch star, like all stars. These stars are directly linked to the galaxy that forms them. Quite a series of claims, but in this new John Chappell Memorial Lecture, Wal goes into great depth (across all scales) about our true position within this Electric DNA Universe.

FURTHER THOUGHT: here's Wal Thornhill presenting ideas created by Duardu Cordona, relevant to those who're researching Electric Universe and whether our 'sun' used to be proto-Saturn, whether we all hail from a(n alien) stellar system elsewhere in the galaxy.

Hideo Kojima - E3 Sony Conference 2016 - Death Stranding updated...

looking as youthful as ever, creator/director of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Hideo Kojima brought THIS STRANGE BUT BEAUTIFUL THING to E3, his first game since leaving Konami in December of 2015.

"It's running in realtime on PS4," Kojima-san happily announced to the stunned conference attendees...

       this version has decent resolution options, unlike the earlier one I posted

DECEMBER 2016 UPDATE: here's the new DEATH STRANDING trailer and 'wtf' is going on?

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Free Planet - War World - Blackwells Oxford

my writing alter-ego Hertzan Chimera's amazingly insane 5x8inch 600+ pages paperback dual/duelling trilogies from Chimericana Books in the USA are now available at the world-famous Blackwell store here in central Oxford, UK.

Free Planet (690 pages)
Patent. Profit. Power.
The Custodian Liberation is battling the forces of G3 or Global Gambling Game to secure your rights to your world.

War World (620 pages)
Deception. Danger. Dreams.
G3 or Global Gambling Game are ruthless in their pursuit of profit but what secrets lie behind their power of control?

You can also reserve copies via the online Blackwell store, too.

Everspace, where Star Citizen nearly went...

Everspace, from Rockfish Games in Hamburg, uses Unreal 4 engine to demonstrate nice ship rendering, thrusting space dog-fighting, spectacular explosions and missiles that work... from what I've seen of Star Citizen's early spec, this is where it was meant to have gone. A simple, in space, repair existence that allows for powerups and pickups and stunning fleet battles. Looks like Star Citizen was at least 'inspired' by the visual/audio competition and style Everspace offers. HUD-interface is better than SC's too.

In EVERSPACE we take a more action-focused approach to the core gameplay of a space shooter and combine it with a modern, rogue-like game loop taking you on a challenging journey through an ever-changing, yet beautifully crafted universe full of surprises. ROCKFISH

What's your personal opinion?

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

MIND GAMERS - film trailer

when I saw them all start to Flash Mob, I was close to, "Noooooooooo!" but this film might just be worth a look... might...

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Arrival film - week later - serious and catastrophic review reappraisal

Arrival was a lovely film... but what why the crippling role of TIME TRAVEL in the storyline?

I mean, it worked as an edited (re-edited) editorial style... or did it?

Did it really work? Was the Joe Walker recut any more revealing than the original cut? That message from General Shang head of the Chinese military? I was okay with it at the time, or was I? The ending was very much like a recapping of things that have already happened where the film was actively about these things that are yet to happen. So, what the end of the film did was FLIP TIME to answer its own question about the non-linearity of time.

Is the 'critical information falling backwards through the time loop' any less of a sin than the classical time paradox of 'killing one's own grandparents'? I mean, it feels like Hollywood have used this motif a lot, in an effort to avoid what's called Time Paradox. I understand that this film is based on the original short story Story Of Your Life by Ted Chiang and I understand that story's contention that 'learning (such) a foreign language might alter one's brain' but I'm not convinced the 'time element' should have featured so critically in this film's solution.

What could have been a celluloid classic of GAE or Galactic Alien Empathy was given this throw-away General Shang-delivered get-out-of-jail-free card for Humanity and then the aliens were quickly like, "Oh, we found you (that's specific person you) because you'll help us fix us in 3,000 years," and it's all potentially starting to sound like several other films where insectoidal future Humans return to Earth to beg/borrow/steal the genetic traits of their forefathers their galaxy travels have somehow eradicated or worn out.

There's a very real paradox in having someone send a message to the past that can be used to alter the future. I think Philip K Dick did 'precogs' the best: he had these poor time-straddling creatures constantly battling the multiple time-variants of their precognitive actions. But then such a narrative device becomes a Groundhog Day of efforts made that fail fail fail until that one time-line you find that has a satisfactory outcome (for your agenda). But such a time-fixing moment will only allow an arbitrary future to progress from that point and you'd never really see the consequences of your actions because your precog work begins afresh once you(think you')ve found the time-paradox sweetspot. Time loops always collapse.

Arrival's excuse-for-an-ending is a bullshit play, is what I'm saying. There must have been a better way to unwind this language-translation film, is what I'm saying... change ANYTHING and you change the entire universe i.e. on the personal level, you are no longer the same you.

Envoy film promo - David Weinstein - Adam Coggin

...this film never happened, what you're about to see isn't a trailer, it's the best section from a 2014 nine-minute Proof of Concept piece from director David Weinstein mostly showing off the animation/fx skills of co-partner Adam Coggins.

The acting, meh.
The direction, meh.
The creature, m'yeah!

It was called ENVOY and in my book that means a messenger or representative, especially one on a diplomatic mission.We love the work Coggins did on this never-made vignette, and we hope it got him many an fx gig from the larger studios. The fluid animation and sympathetic depiction of the alien embassador or whatever it's supposed to be are properly commendable. Derivative, sure, but getting there...

Storywise, no idea. It's either gonna be some off-world meet-n-greet or some escaped bio-military Frankenstein experiment like RoboCop or something. Great adventure? This reviewer prefers the former, take me to a place that hasn't been explored since Wall-E or since Disney's amazing UFO-romp Flight of the Navigator.