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Star Citizen - MobiGlass App - Fleet Manager on a wrist

so, I've just resurrected at Levski, and I've left my skanky hab, and I'm running down the corridors.... and I voice-actived my, "MobiGlas," and the wrist-phone showed me my Fleet Manager App as an obvious first option, while still running I scrolled through the ship I could OfA or Order for Arrival.

I made it to the surface, once I'd gone up and down, and round and around, and took a couple rides in an elevator... I know, exhausting, try this on Lorville, ffs, try it. And when I arrived at the surface, a sparkly sound happened and then a bit of glowing sfx as my ship arrived from HyperSpace (where it had been stored).

The NPC got out, and saluted as I entered my ship.

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Free Planet - the 2019 manifesto - paying for a system that hurts's a test.

The image is a test, Mike?

Well, that's open to personal interpretation, surely. Some will see it for its artistic qualities of light and shade, some will see it for its isolationist overlay of impending Brexit, some will just see food or land to acquire or a poisoned chalice of a stream parked next to a lead foundry.

But it's not this kind of a test. And there are no morals here. We 'do right by free planet' and free planet will do right by us. It's a test. A test to see whether you understand the influence of Human Moralism or the anthropomorphication of the Natural World in which we're trying to live. It's what I've been saying for a decade or more now, "Do right by Free Planet and free planet will do right by us."

Society can be defined as nothing but Social Control, if it's done wrong.

Your government controls you. Your mortgage or business loan controls you. Your rent controls you. Your costs against tax controls …

Star Citizen - cockpit lighting issue - inside cockpit too dark

this is the only way to arrive in Lorville, comm'ing for landing permissions surrounded by massive skyscrapers and.... oh, wait a minute, that's not what this post's about.

Bright strong daylight outside, yet inside the cockpit is almost SILHOUETTED against the city scene. It's like there's no light inside the cockpit when it's clearly supposed to be streaming through the glass. It's certainly flattened, in no uncertain terms.
This ain't right, and I'll tell you why, "There is no support for or simulation of Real Time Ray-Tracing," otherwise known as the bouncing around of light within a confined transparent space such as every ship's cockpit, in Star Citizen. When we made GhostMaster, we ran a custom lighting pass for each light and baked that off into a lightmap so you could turn on and turn off this light-bouncing actually in game.

When you drive your car, in the sunny daytime, the inside of your car isn't dark. Why? Because t…

Star Citizen - piracy interdiction routing - accretion disc gameplay

...and by 'gameplay' I mean 'sandbox features that allow for multiplayer fun'.

"Mike, what's fun about restrictive stellar accretion disc gameplay?" where the play area is basically a two-dimensional plane and the lanes between static trading planets are easy-pickings from pirate interdictions and taxes from corporations.

Well, look at this schematic of the Stanton Star System that includes planets Hurston, Arc Corp, Microtech, Crusader and their moons. Look real close. While CI's Star Citizen currently suffers from planar/static gameplay with easy trace-route solutions masquerading as gameplay, this design image hints towards maybe planetary-orbits that are not all on the same plane, maybe even the orbits aren't going round in the same direction, maybe the spin axes aren't all aligned...

I think there's REAL POTENTIAL here for decent multiplayer sandbox gameplay iff CI:

allow for non-planar orbits of planets and moonsallow for non-linear …

Star Citizen - ladders chairs consoles - why so complicated?

How many more times is the Star Citizen player going to be confused by the following in-game logic puzzles?

Free Look (F-key) on foot allows player to look around while you are already doing something, this will become relevant when we start to See It, Use It, later on in this blogpost. Free Look (F-key or B-key) while in cockpit or pilot seat is QUANTUM TRAVEL TARGETING because it's the ship's quantum engine capability you're Free Looking with, not only your eyes.

Now, back to what normally happens... and I've seen this on countless occassions. Player tries to get into a single-seater ship's cockpit. You've already locomoted on foot up to your ship. You F-click on ship canopy, in case there's some function you can use. You see the cockpit ladder highlight. First thing most players think they have to do is 'activate cockpit ladder' so they can locomote up it. They do so, in their minds they're unlocking the cockpit door and…

Star Citizen - game identity crisis - real design conflicts, "What kind of a game are CI or Cloud Imperium making?"

We know the genre, it's science fiction. We know the year, it's 2949. We know (instinctively) that that's as far as they've got. The original KickStarter pitch kinda set the design flavour as 'world war 2 dog-fighting in space' but even films like Star Wars have g-dampeners because of the insane torque of space combat machines.

But there's a more sinsiter conceptual spectre hanging over development that never seems to be address and (from all the evidence of released footage of both SQ42 i.e. single-player variant called Squadron 42, or SC i.e. the multi-player sandbox called Star Citizen) it's understandably hard to put one's finger on.

Is it the fact that Items 2.0 has only recently been introduced?Is it the fact that Planetary Landing has only recently been introduced?Is it the fact that CI are no longer making the game that was pledged in 2012?
Of course, it's all of the…

Star Citizen - towards a more unified - mainstream gaming experience

In this third and final part of the Citizenship trilogy I'm going to attempt to summarise how we can drag Star Citizen kicking and screaming from the 1990s era of game design where it's currently languishing into something worthy of its hundred years in the future setting.

as discussed in the last couple of posts, Citizenship doesn't have to be connected to military service i.e. completion of Squadron 42's single-player first-chapter missions. It can be something you earn over time in various star systems of the 'verse before first encountering your Starter Ship. At that point where you can commendeer a Starter Ship (by hook or crook) you choose a Home System from the star systems you've already tried.

you'll get killed all the time in this game, so the Death of a Spaceman idea of repairing an injured player and showing these changes on his body during the course of the game is pointless. There's no escape pod solution or don'…