Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dinosaurs in the Bible - ARC of Covenant - Cataclysmic Moments in Earth's history

Jesus says, "Stroke that dragon,"
we all know the Creationists are that rare breed of Holy Book Reader who believe that, God created the Heavens and the Earth in a corporate week, then Adam from dirt and Eve from his rib. They also believe that if you count backwards through all the ages of the begat begat begat lists in Genesis, and add up the ages of the begatters, you get an Age of the Earth as young as 6,000 years.

Whether you believe the nonsense of the Noah Flood story (about 4,000 years ago) where pairs of known animals (including penguins, obviously, and kangaroos) were gathered together on a really big coracle and retained for future population of nature, big floods is a great explanation for insanely-fast fossil-ising events such as the ones that create layers of dinosaur-rich deposits.

While Free Planet does condone Bible teaching nor does it agree with such utter Creationist propaganda, this video heavily promoting the ideas of the Institute for Creation Research goes into great depth and speculation about the ARC or ALTERNATIVE ROCK CREATION (Cataclysmic Moment) Theory I hinted at in my earlier post about Michael Cremo's Ancient Human Cousins. Have geologists got it right about sedimentary formation of rock layers? If so, we have to start looking at a) seriously ancient human races and/or b) dinosaurs living among humans.

We all know, and accept, that even the most fanciful Creation Myths have 'some semblance of truth' buried within them and Oral Tradition aka Chinese Whispers allows for embellishment and natural evolution of a story, let's start to REALLY THINK and rewrite what we've been taught by cynical and manipulative corporate/religious/scientific indoctrination. Let's really start to examine our Free Planet.

Prometheus 2 - Alien: Covenant - due in 2017

so, Ridley Scott is finally making a sequel to Prometheus i.e. stealers of the Gods' fire... the supposed prequel to his seminal slasher-in-space film of 1979, Alien.

Prometheus 2 has gone through a handful of rewriters and a series of pre-production renames (that we know of) it was first called Prometheus 2: Paradise then it was called Alien: Paradise Lost then recently got re-announced to Alien: Covenant.

(Alien: Covenant) will tie into the overall Alien movie universe, and is considered the second chapter in a prequel trilogy. In the film, the crew of the colony ship Covenant is bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy. There, they discover what they think is an uncharted paradise. But it is actually a dark, dangerous world whose sole inhabitant is the "synthetic" David (Michael Fassbender), survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition. [source MOVIEWEB]

From this synopsis, it's possible that this film will actually be what the original Prometheus should have been i.e. the story of the how and why of Alien (1979), except that it won't be.

Prometheus ensured that the concept of the elephantine Space Trucker from Alien who flew, and soft-landed, the Derelict to the wind-blasted landscape of LV-426 has been relegated to some 'animated space suit interface' for a blue giant humanoid and the Alien eggs i.e. facehugger-containing cargo has been transformed into urns of black goo. Also, the whole franchise has been de-Giger'd in such a ferocious way as it tries to pander to the AVP teen-demographic.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Michael Cremo - modern human bones, footprints and artefacts - 20 to 600 million years older than we thought

there's a Darwinian evolutionary model that modern humans came into being about 100,000 years ago (eventually leading to the Homo Sapiens variant that we are today) and it's what we're taught in our non-Creationist schools and colleges.

And while Free Planet doesn't entirely agree with Michael Cremo's vedic assertion that 'humans are consciousness that interacts with matter' and may have been flying around in mind-controlled nuclear spaceships for millennia or aeons, there are a lot of cases of archaeologists unearthing modern human bones, footprints and artefacts from way further back than a Darwinian model suggests. Cremo should be applauded for at least bringing such secreted away evidence to public attention.

Either the way geologists assess layers of sediment and rock formation is WRONG and there's a much more fluid and three dimensional method for the creation of such rock layers i.e. there is no simple top-down timeline explanation for these strata, and a more complicated model needs to be created... OR... the human bones, footprints and artefacts found in these layers point towards a modern human presence on this Earth stretching back two to six-hundred million years further than is currently accepted.

FURTHER VIEWING: here's Graham Hancock also talking about Ancient pre-Egyptians...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Religious Indoctrination - torture and terror - belief and faith


The major reason you believe (in god (in work (in abracadabra))) with such passion is due to SLR or Serious Legal Repercussions and that's enough deterrent for most rational indoctrinates who want to avoid such pain.

Even those brave thinkers among us who believe in something like non-marketed non-indoctrinated non-anthropomorphised PERSONAL CONSCIOUSNESS still generally go ahead and externalise it to the regal 'him' and 'his' (in terms of 'the lord's power') as entirely separate from 'you' and 'yours'. ???


Friday, November 20, 2015

Ancient Egypt - lost technologies - lathe turned stone

Ancient Egyptian Stone Technology is a site dedicated to showcasing several examples of Lost Technology from the Very Early Egyptian Empire, or possibly BEFORE. Lathe Turned Stone as hard as granite and friable as schist. Tube Drilled holes through stone blocks and Stone Saws for creating multi-tonne slabs of rock and limestone...

Here's a great artistic example, a perfectly balanced granite bowl...

At least one piece is so flawlessly turned that the entire bowl (about 9" in diameter, fully hollowed out including an undercut of the 3in opening in the top) balances perfectly (the top rests horizontally when the bowl is placed on a glass shelf) on a round tipped bottom no bigger than the size and shape of the tip of a hen's egg !

This requires that the entire bowl have a symmetrical wall thickness without any substantial error! (With a base area so tiny - less than .15 " sq - any asymmetry in a material as dense as granite would produce a lean in the balance of the finished piece.) This kind of skill will raise the eyebrows of any machinist. To produce such a piece in clay would be very impressive. In granite it is incredible.
[source AEST]

EDITORIAL COMMENT: these amazingly engineered art pieces and drilling/sawing tools don't even have to have been made by the Very Early Egyptian Empire. Maybe they were IMPORTS from some other location contemporaneous with or before such a time... ancient wares traded via international waters from a technologically advanced people; heirlooms of a Race of Humans who longer exist?

That no trace of the tools used for these artistic/architectural purposes has been found is odd, to say the least. Maybe the craftsmen were freelancers who were drafted into Egypt to do the work, then took their tools away with them? An artisan's tools being forged from sacred magick, etc.

THE WORLD USED TO BE A VERY DIFFERENT PLACE: this is my follow-up editorial where it's now time to introduce you to the work of Ancient Artefact/Technology Research, Klaus Dona. I did a piece on his work years ago when Project Camelot interviewed him, but this is a much more recent presentation he gave. The basic idea of all this is pre-12,000 BC, a great world-wide highly-advanced (or at least highly creative) human culture seems to have existed on this Free Planet. Prepare to be astonished...

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Holy Bible - the Serpent electric - Tree of Knowledge

"Is Electricity (as depicted by the (Biblical-satanic) Serpent in the branches) the Real Danger in the Tree of Knowledge?" certainly if we consider this to be an Electric Universe, then knowledge of how to derive energy from seemingly dead materials would indeed be considered dangerous knowlege and potentially shrouded in secrecy.

Maybe the pre-Egyptian rose-granite statues and obelisks were sculpted or carved or created with this Electric-water technology?

Maybe the pre-Egyptian builders were saying, "Warning, electricity kills."

LATER RESEARCH VIEWING: add this to the mix, the pre-Dynastic Ancient Giza Power Plant (which we know as the "Pyramids") by Christopher Dunn, said to be from thousands of years before the Egyptian Kings and Queens started carving their 'cartouches' onto ancient alabaster sculptures and placing their dead within the 'energy boxes' or so-called 'sarcophagi'.

Linguistically, I kinda love the kinky way Dunn keeps falling from his obvious northern British accent into a more rounded Bush-Texan-USA kinda-drawl... 

Hertzan Chimera - Free Planet vs War World - how the dual/duelling trilogies might have looked

We all know how the final covers for the dual/duelling trilogies Free Planet vs War World turned out (above). And while I'm very happy with how the juxtaposition of an Earthlike vs Marslike iconongraphy for the relative designs conveyed a vast percentage of the message of the shared narrative and potential outcomes for mankind, a small part of me still hankers for an earlier incarnation of the novel covers.

Some time prior to the final edited versions of all six component novels (FP: custodian liberator reaper, WW: tandem watcher kumiko) I did a rough&ready mock-up of the prospective covers using the decadent artwork of Mike Dargas but couldn't secure the 'right to use' as I had with other covers I'd done.

I wanted, so wanted, these to be the covers because they said, "All I ever wanted to say," about Corporate Mind Control and Divided=Conqueres and they also highlighted the two (blindfolded) sisters at the heart of the narrative resolution of both stories. We try our best, we move on...

based on the 2008 Bukkakeworld + Planet of the Owls image

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Project Iron Bear - Campaign to return King Arthur to Wales - multiple supporters coming forward


many people might want to dispel the so-called findings of Khumric or Coelbren researchers Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett as Arthurian Nonsense, but I hadn't seen this one which shows many other Welsh Arthur advocates expressing how this 'mythical figure' was actually a real King of Glamorgan or South Wales.

The general concensus seems to be that we need to return King Arthur to his rightful place as the King of the Ancient Bretons or Britons on this green isle, pronounce Britain as you will. The idea that the Eceni (of Boudica fame) might have been the last remnant of the Ancient Brythonic Language (let's not call it Celtic any more, eh?) and with their demise came the demise of a long legacy of the language of the Ancient Britons. Talk about the Khumric writings/inscriptions and/or shoot the whole thing in Ancient Khumric the way Passion of the Christ was shot in Aramaic and Latin.

Why are the Welsh Tourism Board not supporting the concept of Project Iron Bear?

Free Planet supports the making of a Braveheart-like blockbuster movie or full TV series exploring the history of the British Legend of Real Arthur I (who kicked out the Romans and pursued them across Europe in the fourth century) and Real Arthur II (who discovered America and kicked out the Anglo-Saxons in the sixth century until the comet of 562 AD) as Ancient Kings of Briton based in Wales, maybe it's based on Wilson/Blackett's novel Arthur, The War King: call the film "IRON BEAR" that sound hard as nails, right?

The Earth Expands WITHOUT Gaining Mass - Peter Woodhead - Andrew Johnson

EGA or Earth Gravitational Anomalies

Richard D Hall of Rich Planet TV presents a refutation of the Primordial Fireball idea of the formation of stellar planets, which ties into the Expanding Earth ideas of Neal Adams and James Maxlow without the need for a gain in mass. So, not a locked core of cooling metal or iron that is fed by some unknown mass-inventing mechanism, but an always venting core of liquid or ocean sheering the aglomerated plates of the Earth apart... some interesting NASA footage of a drop of water being 'contaminated' by heavier elements which move out to the crust or outer surface, which you will see has a) a stretched bubble-gas core and b) either end of which could be where and why ice caps form.

Part One and Part Two of this five-part interview from Rich Planet are waffly preamble or Introduction to the Ideas of an Expanding Earth - for those of you who aren't already up to speed, click the links above and get yourself prep'd.

Part Three (below) is where Andrew Johnson finally goes into his version of the Expanding Earth Theory that himself and Peter Woodhead have come up with - this includes the NASA water-drop footage...

EDITORIAL COMMENT: yeah, this is all crazy stuff, but so were the ideas of Copernicus and Galileo in their time. Free Planet is doubly interested in such a Boiling Earth theory as it has connections to the idea of Water Planet - Water People - Water Universe specifically in light of Electric Universe concepts and mechanisms. The other electromagnetic aspect is water expands as it cools as well as expands under a change of pressure... it's all grist for the mill.

Additional 'tectonic' thoughts: friction causes heat, and when the continents rub together do they cause Earth Lightning, like hailstones do in storm clouds? Earth Lightning? Well, think about it, we only HEAR the thunder of the storm if we don't see the lightning. Maybe we only hear the earthquake (and witness its destruction) without seeing the lightning that causes the frictional boom? :)

Tetrahedral Gravity: look at the spinning Earth image at the top of this blog, it's been advertised (very recently, and wrongly) as The Earth Without Water which is just a bunch of nonsense: the Earth without its oceans is still as smooth as a billiard ball. What the above image shows is the difference in gravitational strengths across the globe. Er, it's a TETRAHEDRON with four points of opposing high-gravity areas connected by planar areas of lower gravity.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Proto-celtic sounds nothing like Welsh, Irish, Breton, Cornish, Manx or Pictish...

it's the same as this animated-GIF of the supposed de-evolution of the human face back to its ape-origins

it just doesn't work, there's glitches in the desperate-hope of ancestral linearity, there's obvious missing links and irregularities in the single path back to our supposed ancestors... much like Proto-Indo-European into Proto-Celtic into the supposed Celtic trade language of the stone-iron age to the modern Atlantic-coast dialects of the title of this post.

Proto-Celtic (let alone its supposed father-tongue Proto-Indo-European) just doesn't sound related in any way shape or form like there's an unspoken missing link language or people who came from the West, a real sea-faring people and or island that no longer exits, was destroyed, became extinct via Natural Cataclysm, Space Debris or Ancient Atlantian War.

Maybe something like a far-more-ancient westerly-language (unrelated to all the easterly European-migration languages) that brought with it the desire to make (and the abilitiy to move) stone monuments and worship the movements of the stars. There have been many tales in myth and ancestry of a Westerly People, like the Aman in Tolkien's SILMARILION.