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Star Citizen: twenty short stories

Not really happy with the way CIG are developing their multiplayer game Star Citizen. Now that the Squadron 42 schedule's been released a great revelation has happened. And I did spell this out for many on Reddit throughout 2018, "If it's not tech/gameplay intended for SQ42, it's not being done." Now, this is really bad. And it shows in the SC we're playing today.

Basically, they're making ONLY the single-player single-objective story mode i.e. SQ42i, and then net-code porting that content to the multiplayer sandbox. Imagine how much PATCHING through 2020-21 Squadron 42i's tier-zero story-game's gonna need. Plus, if SQ42 is at all successful, forget SC. It'll go major back-burner while they bring out SQ42ii and SQ42iii with the WHOLE DEV TEAM across six more bespoke gaming zones to the highest visual fidelity over the following six years.

So, fuck it. I've made games for a dozen years before. I can dream better loops than this half-ass…

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