Sunday, January 25, 2015

Campaign to rename - Earth to Free Planet - I am, are you?

What place? This blog? This posting venue? Rename Blogger?
No, silly, rename this place where we live, this rock spinning in space around a nearby star; this Earth. But what's in a name, Mike? Well, a lot. It's all about positive image reinforcement. And if we think of this world as dirt or muck, that's what it will be. If we think of it as something else, and rename it thus, it might just sit there in our minds like a REALITY.

I love this rendered image, it shows an exaggerated hyper-realer perspective of the importance of water to our very existence. It's just the right distance from its parent star (if that's how cosmology works) to not be a heat-blasted rock nor too far away to be a gaseous giant. It's a place we call home, or should. But we call it something else and this really affects our view of it.We are physiologically, geographically and meteorologically water not dirt, not Earth. So why continue to use this demeaning name for the place where we (try so hard to) live and be free? We can't call it Water World, because Kevin Kostner shat on that idea with his awful film of 1995.

We need to Protect this "free planet" as we are the Custodians. And that's what we should call it, Free Planet. Be a part of the Campaign to Rename. Be Free Planet. I am Free Planet. You?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

BBC news - INGSOC is here - George Orwell's world of simpler words

IngSoc is the political ideology of the totalitarian government of
Oceania in George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984.

according to a report about Grammar/Spelling on the BBC News Breakfast Time this morning; spelling is about to get an overhaul. They were actually allowing kids to discuss why they found learning to spell 'difficult' and were looking at ways to 'simplify words' and have a unified spelling set that spanned the Atlantic. Suggestions for English Spelling Revisions to certain problem words were given by the English Spelling Society. In the shiny-new BBC-dictated IngSoc speak, among others,

THUMB becomes THUM

I mean, efficiency in all things, eh Henry Ford? Even human intelligence? Let's make it real easy for the Thickos who aren't really expected to contribute to the Human Race in any way other than a manual-slave effort to the joint UK-USA-FR strike force or War World. So-called educators don't even realise that an IngSoc language is dependent upon a unified basic English accent so that the phonetic spelling system works. Here in England, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland we have a vast range and variety of local accents. We are hyper divided/conquered by such an institutionalised IngSoc spelling method; it doesn't work. Never will.

I should have written this blogpost in text-speak, nonetheless, not only have we had to endure the 1984-referencing crossed forearms of X-factor and the 1984-referencing rat-in-a-maze cynicism of Big Brother but now this additionally sinister 1984-concept Simple-Spell looks like it's finally on its way.

You can bet your bottom yuan that the War World Elite (trained to work in banks and financial, military or political battle fields) won't be adopting this written argot or new pseudo-language in their daily correspondences across the digital open plan.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First the coal industry - then the tobacco industry - now the sugar industry

First the coal industry then the tobacco industry now the sugar industry, "Is there any man-made profit-making industry that DOESN'T kill millions of people before we quit it?"

Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the University of Liverpool, UK, Simon Capewell says, “Sugar is the new tobacco.

“Everywhere, sugary drinks and junk foods are now pressed on unsuspecting parents and children by a cynical industry focussed on profit not health.

“The obesity epidemic is already generating a huge burden of disease and death.” [source TELEGRAPH]

Personally, I can't work out whether the following Sugar Causes Candida Causes Cancer documentary isn't just one massive advert for Yakult, but if that manufacturer of pro-biotic drinks wants to send in a freelance advertising residual be my guest...

ADDENDUM: referring to the question in the opening paragraph and implied in the title of this blogpost, don't think I've forgotten about the amoral and shameless ARMS INDUSTRY, that which daily kills thousands and thousands of our race worldwide, FOR PROFIT.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

People give their lives just so that a few fat cats can make a killing.

remember, people, this is a purring War World and you are nothing more than a chess piece on the fat-cat table, collateral in the fat-cat death arena, a tick or cross in some fat-cat's profit/loss report.

"Leave this place better than you found it," means NO MORE FAT CATS slow-killing mice for fun.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Daily Epic - Martin Klimas - fragile fighting figurines

here are a series of photographs, from artist Martin Klimas, of porcelain figurines mid-battle. This dynamic illusion was created by capturing the shattering combatants as they crashed to the floor.

The juxtaposition of strength and fragility puts you in a state of confusion and wonder, and gives the fighting figures an action that doesn’t exist in still life. [source DAILY EPIC]

Saturday, January 10, 2015

film trailer - Buttgereit Marschall Kosakowski - German Angst

seems like, if you're a goggle-eyed fan of extreme or outré or deeply disturbing + strictly adult cinema Hollywood has let you down - you'll have to go via Germany (and other foreign countries) for your gory cinematic titbits.

Here's a new film that looks like it's fallen right out of the Video Nasty Seventies, GERMAN ANGST by co-directors Buttgereit Marschall and KosaKowski, subtitled Three German Tales of Love, Sex and Death. Not for the faint-hearted - here's the TOC that's Table Of Contents:

ALRAUNE by Andreas Marschall
FINAL GIRL by Jörg Buttgereit
MAKE A WISH by Michal Kosakowski

Godma, Satanma, Pixiema, Unicornma, Santama, Big-Bangma... Free Planet always wins!

it's important that you believe, slave

GODMA: (n) the fanatical assertion of the existence of God as its sole justification such that anyone challenging such nonsense is likely to be accused of Blasphemy, a made up 'sin' against a made up 'deity'.

Godma, Satanma, Pixiema, Unicornma, Santama, Big-Bangma... they're all the same arbitrary fake-lawset or misguided belief model to ensure you're acquiescence to Profit-making Patent-protecting War World-ism. Facts are these, "We are it," and nothing else matters but our Custodian protection of our Free Planet. No one's going to save us, or our world, but us the seven billion individuals.

You, me, all of us: together, not at war.

Existence is as make-believe as You The People allow - if you're convinced that such a Godma-less "Free Planet" is worth it, comment YES and pass this message on to all your friends.

Friday, January 09, 2015

This is how your for-PROFIT patent-PROTECT world really works -- Operation Gladio 1 and 2

false flag terror monster

every time I see a 'terror act' like Je Suis Charlie or Nine-Eleven® or London Bombings 2005™ committed to further the C2W2A or Cynical Corporate War World Agenda against You The People, I'm compelled to remind all the readers of the Free Planet blog about OPERATION GLADIO.

Learn how so-called terror is REALLY DONE to keep you afraid and paying taxes, loan-collateral.

and here's a very informative video from James Corbett of Corbett Report detailing how OPERATION GLADIO 2 is intent on destabilising the Eurasian region like we're still literally locked in a 1984-type global take-over scenario.

"We must look to Osama Bin Laden," for the 9/11 atrocity.

Anyone remember this confident announcement five minutes after the first of seven buildings fell miraculously on that fateful day nearly 14 years ago?

We have to look!

Says who? And what of all the other 19 hijackers named for that event who turned out to be NOT THERE in place, on the 'hijacked commercial jets'? Elsewhere in the War World game. On other missions. Or dormant.

Anyway, recently, it appears that this 'name a random actor' has proliferated on MSM -- and the named mostly end up publicly executed before any interrogation of the realness of the claim against them can be made.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Johnny Palacios Hidalgo - natural surrealism - sublime

Peruvian painter Johnny Palacios Hidalgo [1970] was born in Lima, Peru and studied art between 1988-1998 in the National Art Museum and the National School of Fine Arts. [source TUTTART]

The only thing Free Planet can say about Johnny's work is, "Sublime."