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dreams - goat-human hybrid - talking child

from about 3 a.m. until about 5-6 a.m., four intense and visually/narratively memorable dreams.

In the fourth (on a walk) I happened upon the goat-human hybrid child munching away on grass at the front of a residential property by the roadside.

The front door of the cottage was open - that imagery again.

I spoke to the woman about her lovely young animal grazing happily. It started to nuzzle me and I realised something about it. It was a hybrid. It had the look of a goat, the four legs and the fur. But it had aspects of a human face, especially the hybrid nostrils. Then it talked to me. As if I were the first stranger it had ever bonded with to reveal such about itself...

It was a strangely emotional meeting/introduction, and I knew it. This was a hybrid child and I told the woman it had to go on television so all the world should know that these things exist. I know I have to keep my eye out for anything strange today that might allow that 'goat-human' to get his story onto T…

Electric Universe - Kongpop U-yen - Space Weather Forecasting

"Stick with it," that's what I'm's well worth it.

KongPop U-yen isn't the most self-confident of presenters but his post-storm earthquake-prediction space weather theory are second to none. Could be the best Electric Universe presentation the Thunderbolts Project have ever uploaded to their youtube channel.

Free Planet Summary: while this is all well and good, "We still don't have a global solution to catastrophism," and by this I mean that we're still building 'solid structures on solid ground' be that roads or tunnels or homes or businesses. And history is proving 'time and again' that this so-called solid ground is actually a highly unstable third-harmonic resonant system based on the sunspot whim of our current parent star, the Sun.

Only when we are QUAKE-proof and FLOOD-proof and PLASMA-proof (and SLAVERY-proof) can we state that we are truly inihabitants of a Free Planet. And this means bringing down all bord…

David Talbott - Discourses on an Alien Sky - the recording of prehistoric man

best part from the 26-part catastrophy-catharsis Discourses on an Alien Sky by David Talbott.

Is this REALLY how our skies used to look to our ancient ancestors? Wild...

Christopher Bollyn - the legacy of 9-11 - business as usual @ W.H.

so, you're (probably) wondering, "Mike, why are you still droning on about 9-11?" and here's why... nothing will ever change, the Machine! of War! will always Profit!

Until we the people stop funding these amoral gameplayers with our TIME on this Free Planet.

Mike Philbin art - Introversions and Dichotomies - new 2017 art/concept

so, after spending most of January 2017 re-painting some 2016 paintings I wasn't too happy with, I finally got down to making some new art for 2017 on a theme of tandem squares.

Five abstract pieces 60 cm by 30 cm, emulsion on canvas.

Brien Foerster - new Nazca organic finds - small alien skull and long three-fingered hand

a three fingered (six bones per finger!) alien hand and a small alien skull, once again Brien Foerster delivers the most discussion-worthy material from his continuing insistence that the Viracocha might have been some alien race not-necessarily-from some other planet or realm or dimension. Is this material from the Children of this elongated-skull Viracocha or another 'alien' species entirely? Or maybe just another type of nocturnal animal?

Very strange and alluring evidence, pity Brien didn't include X-rays of the head as he did with the hand.

OTHER INTERESTING MATERIAL:vitrification of stone in ancient Inca sites... laser carving from the (technologically advanced) people Foerster illustrates above? As the 'vitrification' didn't come from one direction as if and asteroid air-burst had caused them. The stones (and carvings) are vitrified in all directions, or rather the vitrification is engineered rather than accidental.

Vitrified stone went out of fashion wh…

Dreams - Today - electric door opens...

if you live at 86 Ashurst Drive, Blackbrook, fear not: it's not haunted, only my dreams of it are.

It's a house where my (German-born) gran used to live, a house I visited every weekend as a child. It's the place where (last night) a poltergeist entity pushed me off the couch in what used to be the front living room. A door was pulled open by this unseen entity and I followed it into the hallway and right into the back living room where a TV was off.

The TV was off but a voice was coming out of it, I tried to turn off the buttons but no button stopped the voice inside the TV.

MORNING GLORY UPDATE: so, I'm lying there in my bed, the day after yesterday's door-opening dream. And it's like half an hour before I normally get up. And I've been awake, on an off, since sunrise. That chatter from the dream-TV still hasn't died down. And I have no mechanism to shut it off. I suspect this relates to an issue I discovered in the day, yesterday. Something that's…

Free Planet - how does my vision - differ from yours?

I am Mike Philbin, and Free Planet is my original idea.

Am I sure that Free Planet is my original idea? 
Of course, I am, as all ideas are 'original ideas' ... ya know, is anything (really) original? Aren't we all components of the same living machine? Reflections of the shattered hologram? I realise I'm going to have to put together an updated youtube video along Free Planet lines, but for now it's a text thing. Let's see what happens in this (our) world...

How is my idea of Free Planet any different from your idea of Free Planet?
This place you're living in now. It's not a Free Planet. Don't be taken in by the hype. Any world-society that puts Profit and Patent and Corporate Secrecy ahead of the whole of mankind's unique condition is NOT A FREE PLANET.

It is a Prison Planet, worse it is a War World. A place that benefits from the crazy plans of crazy people. All rulers must stop. All borders must come down. All cities must be left to rot. All p…

Free Planet - Technology - Stealth Living

Leave No Human Footprint upon this Earth...
...should be the mantra of all who (claim to) engage in the Free Planet ethos. Mankind is currently too-foreground a living organism upon this Earth. It's time for Mankind to learn some Humility and realise that this Free Planet is ours (all the living lifeforms of our delicate homeworld) to benefit from, to nurture and to protect.

But protect from what? PROFIT. PATENT. The best way to say this is NO MORE LIES... we gotta start sharing the technological wealth and realise our real place in the Natural Order.

Mankind already has valid technological solutions for Energy, Waste, Water and Well-being. We don't need to 'leave our mess' all over this wonderful world. We're clever enough to just have a limited i.e. virtually 'no presence', impact upon this Earth if only we put our mind to it (abandon PROFIT and PATENT and SECRECY of all types) and try to DO RIGHT BY the Free Planet ethos of, "Leaving a place bet…

Black African Super Race - Out of Africa - The Africans Who Never Fled

okay, we hear all the time of 'the mother of mankind' or Mitochondrial Eve i.e. the woman whose genetic origin formed the foundation of the House of Modern Man.
Now, I'm not a super-huge fan of this, because 'life doesn't start in one place' like that. Life is many tentacled, many limbed, many origin'd.
Another thing, this Out of Africa model has ONE RACE pouring out of Africa 120,000 years ago to populate the whole of the world, via genetic mutation and inter-breeding and cross-breeding. And in several waves, separated by thousands of years, one might add. And this might have happened...
But that's not the point of this post... What of the RACES OF EARLY AFRICAN MAN who didn't explore the rest of their world, "Is this the unseen ADVANCED race," the one who STAYED IN AFRICA? Developing their science and culture for millennia before they ventured out? Into the world? In their ocean-going boats or flying vimanas?

Africa is mineral rich, the Chi…

Dreams - Today - Collapsed Earth

"Today, the Earth will collapse," like a popped balloon.

Guess we'd better prepare ourselves (globally, or personally) for a radical event some time today. Not tomorrow. Today.

NB: often (when humans are 'abducted by aliens') they are showed such apocalyptic renditions of Earth's fate, but popped like a deflated balloon? What's all that about? I realise this could be 'my world will collapse' but don't know how or why. Dreams are silly, you know.

Democracy makes it impossible to vote for Democracy

The other MOST OBVIOUS issue with 'such a contemporary democracy' is that it's a Tacit Production Factory where you-slave-worker can never really know WHY you're doing the specialised job you do.

Such a gruesome definition of 'democracy' becomes a heinous case of banker-driven 'national security issue' being more important than the supposed-democracy it's espousing i.e. ethically worse than the ancient Religion+State issue.

Democracy+Patent is probably illegal if any of those pussy lawyers would DO THEIR REAL JOB.

Free Planet is better than this.... surely.

Electric Universe - connected universe - forgotten plasma energy


and I'm not even sure you want to hear this...

we were only recently (in the last 10,000 years) more intimately connected i.e. electrically connected, through our proto-Saturnian brown-dwarf star MORE CONNECTED TO THE UNIVERSE than we are today.

When I meditate, I realise that I am only a single leaf on a single branch of a single tree... maybe in the past, because of our more-electrical connectivity to the Electrical Plasma Grid of the Electric Uni verse, we were more aware of this than we are today. Maybe there was more of an opportunity to lift ourselves from our so-called fixed position on this 'tree' and move around from leaf to leaf, from branch to branch. Maybe, out there in the universe are many new trees to discover...

Maybe... in a different time, man was a star traveller.