Electric Universe - Kongpop U-yen - Space Weather Forecasting

"Stick with it," that's what I'm saying...it's well worth it.

KongPop U-yen isn't the most self-confident of presenters but his post-storm earthquake-prediction space weather theory are second to none. Could be the best Electric Universe presentation the Thunderbolts Project have ever uploaded to their youtube channel.

Free Planet Summary: while this is all well and good, "We still don't have a global solution to catastrophism," and by this I mean that we're still building 'solid structures on solid ground' be that roads or tunnels or homes or businesses. And history is proving 'time and again' that this so-called solid ground is actually a highly unstable third-harmonic resonant system based on the sunspot whim of our current parent star, the Sun.

Only when we are QUAKE-proof and FLOOD-proof and PLASMA-proof (and SLAVERY-proof) can we state that we are truly inihabitants of a Free Planet. And this means bringing down all borders so that we have a truly mobile populace able to relocate itself at a moment's notive to 'allow a devastated area to re-plenish organically' should the need arise, following some massive global/local disaster.

Societies don't need 'empire countries'.
Societies don't need 'capitalist infrastructures'.
Societies need people... full stop.

We need to be a Prepared Race of People: a planetary species ready (and able) to help our neighbours all round the world. At any given time. No debate. No discussion. No deals or favours traded.


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