Dreams - Today - electric door opens...

if you live at 86 Ashurst Drive, Blackbrook, fear not: it's not haunted, only my dreams of it are.

It's a house where my (German-born) gran used to live, a house I visited every weekend as a child. It's the place where (last night) a poltergeist entity pushed me off the couch in what used to be the front living room. A door was pulled open by this unseen entity and I followed it into the hallway and right into the back living room where a TV was off.

The TV was off but a voice was coming out of it, I tried to turn off the buttons but no button stopped the voice inside the TV.

MORNING GLORY UPDATE: so, I'm lying there in my bed, the day after yesterday's door-opening dream. And it's like half an hour before I normally get up. And I've been awake, on an off, since sunrise. That chatter from the dream-TV still hasn't died down. And I have no mechanism to shut it off. I suspect this relates to an issue I discovered in the day, yesterday. Something that's needed to be done for ages, and the consequences are spectacular...


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