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photorealist art - Christiane Vleugels - Timeless Abundance

regular readers of this blog know what a photorealism fanboy I am, and I've been meaning to feature the stunning photorealist portraiture of Belgian artist Christiane Vleugels for a long time... well, now the opportunity has arisen in the form of the finished and sold painting Timeless.

Christiane Vleugels has an impeccable eye for photorealistic detail and you can find many examples of her large scale portraits on her Raipun page, but for now, and uniquely, let's concentrate on the one piece that I've been obsessively following the progress of through its various stages of completion.

Finally, Timeless can be fully revealed to the readers of Free Planet in all its photorealistic glory.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: of course I just can't leave it at that... here's another gorgeous piece from Christiane Vleugels, this time on the subject of Abundance.

World Trade Center demolitions - the missing evidence - no seismic footprint

this random thought comes from the realisation that 'something very strange' happened on the fateful day of September 11th 2001.

It's like PHYSICS WAS IN DENIAL with tops of buildings flowing through path of greatest resistance i.e the majority of lower floors. And the debris pile, expected to be 12% or so for a 'traditional controlled demolition' just didn't exist. Where did the millions of tonnes of steel and concrete go as WTC1 and WTC 2 (and WTC3thru7) fell into their own footprint with barely an explosive whisper or seismic spike of such mass slamming into the Manhattan bedrock?

Millions of tonnes of dust spilling out of the seven buildings of the WTC Complex all day, no heat from non-existent incendiary charges placed around columns and supportive structures as in a traditional demolition implosion, no seismic evidence from the falling of millions of tonnes of concrete and steel to the sidewalk, reams and reams of paper ev…

dream - civil war - snipers (plural) on all the rooftops

as Free Planet is not a Prophecy Channel or Predictive Joseph-many-colour-coat-wearing-pundit I really don't know what to do with this... so, I'll just say it.

I'm talking about the dream I had, so it's probably nothing, it's probably just my 'fear of being fired' or something, because there was a lot of it. A lot of firing. A lot of people targeted. A lot of extreme insane ruinous graphic and visceral extermination horror.

I mean, I dream, we all know that. We all do. And sometimes all our dreams get a bit fukced up. We all know this. We accept it. It's how we sleep at nights.

I mean it's alive, this dream world, it's definitely a real place where people go for 'the other portion of their lives' or it wouldn't hurt so perfectly, it wouldn't touch our souls so that we can't believe how we survived the holocaust. Dreaming has to be a real place, somewhere out there in th…

Ancient Egypt - how to cut a stone sarcophagus lid - use diamond tipped circular saw

in the following (very short) video, filmed at the Cairo Museum, an Ancient Egyptian stone sarcophagus is shown in part-construction... it has the inner cored out and the lid was being sliced off the back of the granite block, oh then some accident happened and it snapped. There are two possible reasons...

a) this is a modern i.e. 20th century, attempt to hack a lid off an abandoned stone sarcophagus or casket - why you would wanna do that is beyond understanding.

b) this is evidence of Misplaced Technology (or machine drilling and sawing where there should only be copper chisels or meteoritic iron tools) used in the construction and creation of the buildings and decorations and art of the Ancient Egyptian World.

In the above video if a) maybe the whole of the Ancient Egyptian Art has been faked using modern machining techniques in the post-Napoleonic or proto-Victorian period or if b) then we need A SEVERE RETHINK about our Human Legacy on this Ruined Planet needs to take place.

As …

Rebekah Roth - ex-flight attendant - analyses the Betty Ong 27-minute phone call...

FAA as in Flight Attendant Analysis ... according to ex-flight attendant Rebekah Roth, Flight 11 was ON THE GROUND, IN A HANGAR when Betty Ong's 27-minute phone call was made to 'reservations' during the in-the-air hijack of her flight on the morning of September 11th 2001... in fact, this is only one of many interviews Rebekah Roth did about her to '911-novels' Methodical Illusion and Methodical Deception and you can find those other interviews on youtube and elsewhere.

Oh, oh, oh, here's Kurt Haskell (if you think back, you'll remember that he's the guy who stated that the s0-called underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was allowed on to NWA Flight 253 without a passport and with the help of a Handler) talking to one of the first interviewers of Rebekah Roth i.e. Pete Santilli, about his concerns about WHO or WHAT is this Rebekah Roth character... listen hard to this, it's rivetting.

So, what's the real…

Camelspotting - various artists - music from the Middle East

I've had this CD for like ten years or more, and it's still one of my favourites of all time.

1. Nour El Ain - Amr Diab
2. Ya Bo Ye - Ragheb Alama 3. Min Ger Loka - Mayada El Hennawy 4. Acha'Ak Azab - Walid Tawfic 5. Yalla Ya Habibi - Dania 6. Min Ghadr El Hob - George Al Rassy 7. Ma Ariflak Makan - Osama Al Attar 8. Kol De Eshaat - Samira Saeed 9. Law Koona - Nadia Moustafa 10. Aidy Bzank - Adel Kassab 11. Tohgorny - Hamid El Shari

9/11 legacy - untold (pictorial) story - Kurt Sonnenfeld

Why is official FEMA videographer Kurt Sonnenfeld still 'on the run' having filmed (and reported on) events at the World Trade Center(sic) corporate war site of September 11th 2001?

His major contention is that (in 2002 following the suicide of his wife) he was visited by the police, beaten up and accused of her murder - a classic covert setup job, ed - after which he fled to Argentina. For further illustration of how the Covert Secret Services treat their own, one only need look into the cases of GCHQ-hacker Gareth Williams or FBI-hacker Michael Riconosciutto or agent-assets like Valerie Plame or Susan Lindauer or Lee Harvey Oswald etc.

What specific 9/11-footage did Kurt film that has endangered his life so that he's still a political refugee living in Argentina?

Walter Cruttenden - Precession-free Sirius - The Lost Star Of Myth And Time?

We are a lost race, a lost knowledge, a lost star... Precession of the equinoxes, perihelion precession, changes in the tilt of Earth's axis to its orbit, and the eccentricity of its orbit over tens of thousands of years are all important parts of the astronomical theory of ice ages.

"A companion star is THE ONE STAR that doesn't undergo Precession..." Walter Cruttenden.
It appears precession is speeding up or slowing down over the Long Day i.e. the 24,000 years of the Processing Day, and that's only fully explained by the BSC or Binary Star Concept and this video points the finger at an Ancient Egyptian Pyramid-targeting star that seems to avoid precession as only a TCS or True Companion Star is able.

Maybe Sirius (the star that seems precession-free) and our Sun are both orbiting a third AS YET UNSEEN orbital focus somewhere between the two... get some maths heads on this problem. Stat!

FURTHER VIEWING: here's that documentary The Great Year (narrated by Ja…

David Hatcher Childress - snakes carved in relief - giant polygonal carved stone walls

pyramids exist all over the world - in Egypt, South America, Cambodia, China and Japan.

at the foot of many ancient stone temples and buildings of antiquity (Baalbek in Lebanon, Cuzco in Peru, Etruria in Italy to name but three...) you'll find a much earlier level of stonework that is astonishing for its complexity of construction and seeming defiance of gravity. Polygonal Stone-masonry, where multi-tonne irregular-sized blocks of granite and other hard stones are lined up using a mortarless technique resembling a jigsaw or stone puzzle, seems to hark back to an earlier time in human existence.

the snake is a potent image often related to these Ancient (Ancient!) Ruins, carved in relief and/or formed by the stone blocks themselves, in fact many nature gods are carved into these stone blocks prior to arrangement as these walls and monuments. Oh, please don't watch this video thinking Free Planet (for one minute) condones Childress' talk of ancie…

Ice Age Cataclysm Model - Elelctric Storms and Megatsunamis - meteor craters and sedimentary rock formation

Ice Age Weather Systems and their impact on the Human Race

I was just about to present my CAT or Clever Alternative Theory about meteor strikes and sedimentary rock formation at the tail end of the last official Ice Age about 12,000 years ago aka the Younger Dryas when I suddenly thought, "If a lot of the Earth's water is stored in the hyper-swollen ice caps, would there be enough water for the sort of intense electrical storms my CAT propounds?"

And the answer has to be YES, right? 
The Younger Dryas is marked by a massive increase in the Earth's average temperature over a few decades. You're not going to get that from a bit of volcanic activity (the ash cloud would present the opposite i.e. further cooling). You're not going to get that from meteor strikes (they're over in a second and you get the added bonus of more crap in the atmosphere i.e. further cooling). Desert 'and' deluge...

CAT needs such a drain of atmopsheric resour…

Hugh Newman Megalithomaniac - Scottish Stone Spheres in Tiwanaku - Druidic Quetzalcoatl in South America?

I like (travelling researcher) Hugh Newman's cavalier presentation style and delivery, he comes across as a thoroughly convincing plethora-of-ideas-merchant or paranoid-pattern-finder aka A Legend Builder. If you look at other presentations Hugh's done, you'll see he gathers a global eclectica into his view of our hidden world and the Lost History of the Ancients.

Here he frenetically presents his detailed + illustrated thoughts on the origin of the the Winged Serpent i.e Quetzalcoatl, but as a white-skinned long-robed lasergun-holstered beardy-diplomat (a classical description of (apart from the lasergun) a co-called "Druid") who brought all sorts of Modern Farming Ideas, Writing and Star Observation to South America. Druids sharing their knowledge globally? Why not, isn't it obvious that the so-called Druids weren't just a Celtic cult but were a Global Ginger Thought Army long before the Roman Empire arrived to eradicate them from Britannia.

and if you …

UK Championship Snooker - Liang Wenbo - cracking day at the office

brief update on the virtually unknown (in this country) Liang Wenbo who's having what you might call a cracking day at the office against Marco Fu in this year's UK Championship Snooker tournament from York.

First three frames: consecutive century i.e. 100+, breaks to Liang.

DAY LATER UPDATE: Liang came back from a slight slump mid-match to win 6-5, meaning he's in the semi-finals ... go Wenbo!

SUNDAY MORNING UPDATE: Liang came back from another slump to beat the (even more unknown) David Grace, so he's now in this year's final against the totally-ruthless and insanely-talented Neil Robertson. David vs Goliath of a match if ever there was one. Major upset on the horizon? Or 'just another day in the office' from Robertson. Matchplay starts at 1300 hours GMT.

Outgoing Longwave Radiation - Earthquakes are predictable - Sun Earth interaction

The Last Ice age came to an abrupt end at or around about 9,700 B.C. according to ice-core data-sheets relating to temperature and CO2 and other gases... now, Free Planet has explained before that all the evidence points towards a Solar Model that gradually tends to Ice Age (today's global temperature minus nine degrees) over a period of 120,000 years until 'some intensely-heating event' bumps it back up to today's temperature values. So, what heated up the planet when it tends to Ice Age?
Radiative cooling by Outgoing Longwave Radiation is the primary way the Earth System loses energy. The balance between this loss and the energy gained by radiative heating from incoming solar shortwave radiation determines global heating or cooling of the Earth system (Energy budget of Earth’s climate). Local differences between radiative heating and cooling provide the energy that drives atmospheric dynamics. [source OLR]
Free Planet is an advocate of EUT or the Electric Universe Th…

Pasolini (2014) - Abel Ferrara (director) - Willem Dafoe (Pasolini)

How did I miss this?
One of my favourite alternative cinema directors Abel Ferrara (The Driller Killer and King of New York etc) does a biopic of one of the bravest poet-writer-actor-film-makers Pier Paolo Pasolini (Salo and The Gospel According to St. Matthew etc).

Gotta see this movie...

Gobekli Tepe - Temple or Council - Diplomatic (rather than religious) Origin

Free Planet is not a fan of leveraging contemporary GODMA onto the meeting spaces of our Ancient Ancestors.

The GIANT twin-pillar representations at the centres of places like Gobekli Tepe (in Turkey) and Stonehenge (in Britain) while seemingly-symbolically Freemasonic in origin might merely reflect the sharing of responsibility between The Male and The Female. They might also show the scale of the GIANT RULERS to their subjects or gathered tribal leaders. These sites of 'worship', time-marked by the procession of the zodiacal calendar, were more likely to be tribal-meeting arenas at the crossroads of territories held by neighbouring tribes - a place where diplomacy between potentially-warring factions could be exercised.

For what is a Temple (or Mosque (or Church) or any Sacred Place) but a location where negotiation with the Eternal can take place a) publicly and b) internally, and interpretations of the Fates can take place?

"I think what God meant to say was this...&…