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Electric Universe - traumatic energy - can the human mind be made to forget?

THE NEXT BIT IS PURE SPECULATION and I haven't looked into the scientific application of using electricity to wipe a person's brain, let alone wipe the collective memory of an era of people, but I'm going to progress with my word-salad.

What if...

...all around the world monuments made using technology that seems VERY CONTEMPORARY like perfectly symmetrical quartz-laden marble sculptures with tools that couldn't cut through that are smoothed to a glass-like sheen, organic polymer concrete, circular saws that appear to be wafer thin yet able to slide through granite cuboids to fom the sarchophogii or the Nile Delta... 100 and 200 tonnes block quarrying and movement to temple... whole temples carved out of a limestone hillside.... I mean, the list goes on.

We're supposed to have got to the point we are at now (technologically) after some long haul out of a basic hunter-gatherer existence some three thousand years ago. We suspect that the great archeological discoveri…