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abstract expressionism - Vincent Priblo - layering the layers

Free Planet realises that Paul Jackson Pollock died in 1956, but what sets Vincent Priblo's work head and shoulders above the rest of the also-rans is his layering of his layers, and his tones, his splatters seem to have purpose, hidden meaning, post-machine romanticism. To me, but who really knows?

Well, that's the point of Abstract Expressionism, "We can't know, we can only feel."

Chimeraworld #7 - Vegan Contact - Creativity, Passion, Kinship.

To date I have themed and edited for Chimericana Books six editions of the Chimeraworld anthology. Six paperback editions (each containing twenty-three sub-3,000 words stories from a mountain of worldwide author submissions) dealing with horrific, surrealistic, poignant genreclectic fiction issues that might affect our lives in the near-future.

Chimeraworld #7 was the post-Corporate War World homage that never made it. There was no appetite for it, back then, in 2010, shortly after the publication of Chimeraworld #6 (New World Disorder) when I first proposed the guidelines for ChimeraWorld #7 (Creativity, Passion and Kinship). It was meant to be a critical examination of non-profit and patent-free'ing. A removal of Secrecy from the human matrix. Not a wishy-washy Utopia. Not a techno-fascist Dictatorship. Independent self rule, experimental social Diversities and 'local solutions to global problems'.

The people are well informed.
The cities are being cleared away.
The corpor…

Eric Cline - 1177 BC - bronze age BRexit?

back in October of 2015, Free Planet glanced at the bronze age collapse of many of the ancient and famous civilisations like the Minoans, the Hittites, the Canaanites etc of that Mediterranean core region, it focussed on the Sea People.

For decades, this band of marauding ex-slaves and runner-warriors has been held responsible for the total collapse of the bronze-age empires that held sway over this sunny clime, but is the story really that simple?

Dr Eric Cline, Professor of Classics and Anthropology, author, journalist, archeologist and historian presents his evidence at the Oriental Institute, it's both interesting to the historians and relevant to the BRexit question we're facing today.

Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos (CVPR 2016 Oral)

Corporate War World News Headline Bias (and general mainstream media propaganda potential) just got real serious, seriously.

Dichotomy paintings - March 26th update - three large wide abstract landscapes

Yesterday, I went stretched-canvas-buying-crazy and purchased two those long ones I'd always wanted to but never knew how to use. They are 100 cm by 30 cm this time, that's 40 inch by 12 inch in old money. They're perfect for the 'symbolic language' i.e. circle and oggam, enhanced two-colour paintings that are (obviously) the next evolution of this abstract style I'm enjoying doing.

I also purchased three new 16 inch by 12 inch ones so that... because... well, they were twelve inches in one of their dimensions, like the 40 inches long ones. But then as you'll see from the image, I've had a bit of fun with the layout of the three small ones. Creating them in one arrangement then swapping the end paintings to add to the art-mix, play border games. This abstract style I've chosen to develop is coming along in small increments, as it should.

HC Unit solid geometry - Helium tetrahedron - Neon dodecahedron

it's been a while since I thought about the pseudo-science sub-atomic particle the HC (or Hertzan Chimera) Unit. The HC Unit cycles sinusoidally between Universal Equilibrium IN, CCW out, Universal Equilibrium IN, CW out... i.e. + 0 - 0 + 0 - 0 + 0 - 0 etc. Always the same cycle. HC Units link up in an unbroken looping chain to make atoms like this for HC12 +0-0+0-0+0-0.

HC Units in atoms therefore acts as both a nuclear proton AND a nuclear neutron, the 'electron' being a result of the interactions of these cycling HC Units in the circular chain. Three HC Units (tritium) together in this format +0- or 0+0 or -0+ or 0-0 are the (open ended) building blocks of all higher atoms. Two HC Units (deuterium) under inner-stellar conditions make up the atomic elements in this format +0 0+ -0 0-. Two deuteriums together make Helium... HC4 is a no net charge i.e. self-feeding HC Unit chain.

I wonder if there are any mathematicians out there who can shed some light on the relevancy o…

Richard Dewhurst - Giant Skeletons have been Unearthed at Mound Builder Sites - all over the world

Did 9ft to 18ft Giants build the ancient burial mounds all over the USA and can you (seriously) have such enormous humans within a context of Darwinian Evolution?

Well, yes, obviously; because (like dinosaurs and other giant species before them) they existed, and died, and their bones were found. In the case of Giants, they were buried within these man-made burial mounds, like they were 'important' or something. Let's not jump to rash conclusions though, let's not admit that humans and giants are the same gene line, for now. Giant skeletons have been unearthed at mound builder sites all over the United States, for starters...

Richard Dewhurst shows how this suppression began shortly after the Civil War and transformed into an outright cover-up in 1879 when Major John Wesley Powell was appointed Smithsonian director, launching a strict pro-evolution, pro-Manifest Destiny agenda. He also reveals the 1920s’ discovery on Catalina Island of a megalithic burial complex w…

Ancient Kapala Sanskrit Carved Skulls - Kris Kuksi - diversion into more primal carvings

I was looking for the latest artwork by Kris Kuksi, a truly mind-blowing artist I'd been a fan of from back in the Saatchi-daze prior to the immolation of their East London storage facilty, back in the Jake and Dinos Chapman nazi-ascendancy... I couldn't even remember Kuksi's name to begin with just that he incorporated Skulls and Tiny People in his mono-chrome'd sculptures. I did eventually find him, but I also stumbled across something a lot more fundamental to the TCP or Truly Creative Process.

Ancient Kapala Sanskrit Carved Skulls

Screw politics - Screw finances - Screw godma

yeah, so, I'm a radical... but that's important, or else we're all in this shit together without knowing why.

Well, it's true, isn't it? Why do we do what we do? Are we just servants of our masters; our position in society, our upbringing, our friends and relatives?

What if we ONE DAY decided that we are going to live this life THE WAY WE WANT TO LIVE IT?
What if we ONE DAY decided that we are going to be in the place WE WANT TO BE IN?
What is we ONE DAY decided that this world is FUCKED and WE DESERVE BETTER?

Screw politics
Screw finances
Screw godma
Is that too harsh? No, I don't think so. Politics, finance and godma is the reason we're at war all the time. It funds terror. It funds weapons. It funds belief in ridiculous otherworldly entities who are better at the moral game than you and your mum and your dad.

Simple fact is, "It's our Free Planet," not their playground-addicted asset/resources whore to fist to death for a bit of cheap prof…

Michael Tsarion - Ralph Ellis - linking Christ with Camelot.

you'll have never heard ANY OF THESE REVELATIONS in either your New Testament Class or your Arthurian History Class... listen while Ralph Ellis and Michael Tsarion share notes on both the Jesus Legend and the Arthurian Legend and tie it into the re-writing of actual history for pitiless political purposes.

"Gaping chasm of zodiacal time," that's the sinister historical cloaking device for nothing more than the wierd ritualistic GALI-eunuchs i.e. just another secret society who look and dress like The Modern Day Vatican.

It's a long wander through invented or partially veiled ancient history, but well worth any serious researcher's time, in Free Planet's opinion.

Marcel Witte - nature - landscaped

the paintings of dutch artist Marcel Witte always end with the addition of the name M.WITTE and always begin with a big wide brush laying down a non-descript background tone...

Ever since kindergarten it was clear to me; I wanted to become a forester and drawing could always be a hobby. I went to college and made my living as a landscape architect... In 2003, I started working this way and ever since 2004 I make my living as a professional artist. [explains WITTE]
Lovely stuff.

film trailer - X-men Apocalypse - giants among us leading to nuclear annihilation

oh, the Hollywood FREEMASONIC DEATH MACHINE loves to tell you how it's going to go down...

prior to 9/11 there were loads of references to the 'hits on the towers'
prior to JFK there were loads of references to the 'hits on the president'
prior to Arab Spring there were loads of references to 'hits on the west'...
now, post-Fukushima, it's coming down to BLATANT NUCLEAR ANNIHILATION of the masses via the actions of the (Giant (Reborn (Militaristic i.e. Homo Capensis?))) Gods -- Watchmen (1988), Gods of Egypt (2015), now X-Men Apocalypse (2016). Giants, all giants, as blatant today as the post-Hiroshima-Nagasaki giants of the 1950's Fifty Foot Woman and Colossal Man were. The bones of these same 2.6 metre to 7.5 metre giant humans the Smithsonian Institute in USA are alleged to be hoarding in some secret location somewhere, safe; never to be publicly displayed again...

Dichotomy paintings - March 17th update - three large wide abstract landscapes

Today, Thursday 17th of March was the hottest day so far in 2016, and inspiration finally struck.

I decided to stick to my original plan for my 100 cm by 50 cm landscape two-colour three-bordered paintings with the dream-circle, or Oggam-circles, added. I wanted these three new paintings to be gold, silver, bronze but you can't really do that with two colours, so the choice of colours for these three new works was made on the spur of the moment in the shop with these three tones in mind. But not restrcited to or restrained by thoughts of Olympic medallion A, B or C or accurate depiction of such metals' reflective properties.

My last Dichotomy paintings were dated Feb 24th, the three new canvases had been ordered and had arrived at the start of March but I couldn't find a happy/spontaneous way to 'add the circle' to this series of two-colour paintings that didn't seem too contrived or fake.

While I was waiting for 'inspiration to strike', I did have …

Francis Richard Conolly - JFK to 911 - Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

"All Terrorism is Fake," is only one of the big bold statements in this big bold THREE HOUR re-investigation of Corporate American (Mafia (Global)) History from the early 1900s to the present day, courtesy of big bold and fearless writer/historian Francis Richard Conolly.

It's all very MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE to invoke Philip K Dick's fascist-coup novel, but it's well worth watching if you're still not happy with how 9/11 or the military-nullifiying and physics-defying September 11th 2001 event was investigated... or London's July 7th post-Gladio bombings.

Literally, for three hours, I was screaming at the these amoral capitalist scum, "Noooooooooooooo!" 

L.A. Chuck - The Catastrophe of 12,500 years ago - Ancient Equator of the Earth

"Take the lines out of Nazca and extend them all around the Earth and they all converge at Angkor Wat in Cambodia," says L.A. Chuck, the creator of the following (mind-blowing) youtube video linked to Graham Hancock's global catastrophe of 12,500 years ago, you know Noah's floods and all that asteroid shrapnel hitting ice-age North America and Western Europe and wiping out nearly all indigenous species in its path, and the Clovis people, for example.

Okay, okay, we all know that (certainly on such a global scale) geographical coincidences happen and one can draw any old line around the Earth and catch relevant historical monuments but, even taking all that into account and no matter where you draw this fak-e-quator, FIFTY ONE DEGREES is (still) the exact slope-angle of the Giza Pyramids. More UK-fleeing conehead-giant Nephilim mathematics in effect...

ADDITIONAL NAZCA-LINEage: here's the first of L.A. Chuck's 'possible solution' to the Nazca Lines tha…

Alan Butler - from ancient Yorkshire to dynastic Egypt - via freemasonic Washington DC

ALAN BUTLER: connecting Ancient Egypt to Owlde N'rth Yorksh'r.

this is truly fascinating, another great presentation from Megalithomania, and tells the story of the ancient measurement based on the swinging of a pendulum per second.

Butler actually contends that the 'henge' or basic bank'n'ditch was more important to the ancient megalithic star-gazers than the stone (dead) and/or wooden (living) monuments that grew up around/inside them in later phases of socio-architectural development. He shows how the megalithic yard might just be the answer to the layout of the Giza Pyramids referenced by Thornborough Henge in North Yorkshire i.e. was the basis for the Giza Plateau three-pyramid groundplan.

Free Planet likes Butler's light-hearted presentation style and his mathematical findings are just like, "No, F-off already," I mean seriously. Watch this, and learn, like an Egyptian, or a Washingtonian, or a megalithic Yorkshireman.

which brings Free Pla…

Maria Wheatley - homo capensis - Elongated skull Neolithic Queen at Stonehenge

when one hears "elongated skulls," one might think of the elongated and much larger cranial capacity Paracas skulls of Peru and neighbouring Bolivia or the elongated skulls of Akhenaten and Nefertiti in Ancient Egypt or the Malta skulls that are elongated width-ways or the conheads of Germany and France... in fact, the Bolivian skulls mentioned above had skeletons that were 2.6 meter or 8.5 feet tall. One doesn't tend to think of Stonehenge in Britain; or put it this way, "It is very rare to hear of Elongated Skulls at Stonehenge."

Last year, there was a report from writer/researcher Maria Wheatley of an elongated-skull Neolithic Queen found alone in her own large barrow alongside another barrow where hundreds of elongated-skull people were killed. We're not sure at this point whether this Stonehenge Neolithic Queen was one of the natural elongated skulls bearing the two distinctive nerve-blood vessel holes at the back, or the cosmetic cranial-boarded skul…

Odin Rising - Human Origin, Purple Dawn & Saturn Theory - water world inhabitants

so, I'm looking at all-other-kindsa Saturn-based or Saturnalia or Set-god videos. I know, I know, this is a massive dirty filthy steaming crock of shit-storminess, right ... then I found this Purple Dawn video from youtuber Odin Rising about man's origins close to the planet of Saturn, actually within its glowing plasma sheath; Saturn began its life as a brown dwarf star.

This theory of the amalgamating-formation of the (current) Solar System via competing plasma ejections is mad and wild and crazy and maybe that's one reason why I'd never heard of it before. But it's (il-logically) got legs; it's fascinating. And we're probably an underwater (or near-water (or aquatic)) race, allegedly. We're more related to dolphins than we are to monkeys, according to this production.

Summary: twenty-three degrees, that's the shared tilt of the four related planets that ventured into the original Solar System; Earth, Mars, Saturn and Neptune... oh, and all of thi…

2001 - the Alchemical chronicle - Jay Weidner

remember, Kubrick and Clarke's film was called 2001, and we all know what happened on September 11th 2001 -- and we've all heard the official 9/11 report that, "Muslims did 9/11."

Is the Europe-invasive and godma-ruthless Sharia Law the Freemasonic NEW WORLD ORDER or ordo ab chao One World Religion? And how does it relate to the Black Monolith or Egyptian symbolism of the Dollar Bill that illustrates this post from 2001?

Game, Set, Match... but first we must play our part:

Beyond the Infinite - Kubrick's Odyssey II from Max Ehinger on Vimeo.

AFTERNOON SATURN-ALIA UPDATE: you're slowly but surely beginning to believe that there's really something to this whole Saturn-Solar System... so, let's explore the planet Saturn a little more closely, referencing remarkable historical findings and apply them to our modern understand (or worship) of THE GODS or the celestial planets in alignment or elsewhere...

JRR Tolkein - Lord of the Rings - European history in the Ice Age?

12,000 years ago, (ice age) Europe was a rather different place due to the global seas and oceans being lower and JRR Tolkein researched all the Ancient Kings of Europe of that era via the vast swathes of historical documentation written in ancient languages he found in the basement of the Bodleian Library here in Oxford.

Free Planet always suspected that Tolkein's world was based on a map of the UK, but the above map suggests that the Lord of the Rings had a much wider geographical scope, that of All of Western Europe. You can just make out UK beneath the district of Eriador. Rohan & Gondor in France and Spain, repsecitvely. Mordor in the (drowned) Mediterranean region. Lindon out there in the upper Atlantic, where the original Atlantis was said to be. But still connected to the western-British land mass...

Is this a map of Tolkein's vision of that ice age time, and was Lord of the Rings (and the Silmarilion before it) a reflection of those discovered kings and their tri…

Under The Dome - The Ultimate Conspiracy - 1956 nuking the sky to break it open?

Hahahahahahahahaha! I love insanely creative and disturbing crazy shit like this, maybe I'm just a natural story-listener...

While this blogger'd be the first to shriek and rant and rave and scream with total conviction that, "I am not a Flat Earther, I am not a Flat Earther, I am not a Flat Earther," I realise that such a squared-circle construct would make Ice Ages (pressure changes) and Noah Floods (turning on the tap) much easier to achieve with no celestial intervention from either rocks or UFOs. And the dinosaurs could have still existed, the underfloor lava-heating would incinerate any history beyond a few tens of thousands of years, in theory.

I realise this really convincing documentary from Mark Sargent comes pre-loaded with golden-honey spoonfuls of Neuro-Linguistic Pre-programming and his cleverly-scripted and carefully-hypnotic narration style is like a victim moth to a lurid flame, but...

Dark City, Truman Show, The Village - Hollywood knows Flat Earth…

Tron Legacy - reboot that shit - using the same footage

RE-EDIT that lovely stuff... what?

Yeah, there was nothing wrong with Tron Legacy... visually. It had some LOVELY SET PIECES like this...

But then THE STORY GOT IN THE WAY and what do I mean by this? Gods of Egypt. What's that got to do with ANYTHING? Videogames, most reviews have stated to-a-man that, "Gods of Egypt looks like a videogame," and it made me wonder why is that a bad thing. But then 'films aren't videogames' in the same way that 'books aren't films' i.e. it's a totally different medium.

But Tron is a videogame, and the fantastic, rendered, kinetic excitement-pixels or data (which still exists) for the rot-that-became Tron Legacy and it could be re-rendered out of its narrative-doldrums into something beautifully artful and suspenseful and meaningful to the visually/aurally alert. Looking at most videogames, the real stinker is (generally) the dialogues, or character-quips, or interactions within the game, and it's the same h…

Bernard Cornwell - Stonehenge - book review via absurdist religiose godmatic expressionism

no, not Cornwell's book... Stonehenge isn't (necessarily) about absurdist religiose godmatic expressionism...

Cornwell's book is about Shaman-ISM i.e. the ritualistic exhaltation of the cripple, the half-breed, the outsider. It could be termed, "An Architectural Prequel," it being the (fictional) story of how a 'place' was built.

Notice I didn't say monument or temple or church, because I'm not totally convinced that Stonehenge had anything (at all) to do with 'religion' or 'spirit' or 'the collective soul of the stonehenge architects'. I specifically enjoyed the four-stages of construction or the sketches of the set, for the great theatre of life this book plays with. For 'all the world's  a stage and we are but actors in a production or programme'.

Seriously, let's move on from this already. Cornwell (whom I've never read before) does a really good job of constructing a plausible narrative for the bui…

Rob Skiba - 2045 hybrids and immortality - forget all you thought you knew about your holy books

but... but... Free Planet is a renowned as a stanchly agnostic place for You The People to start your journey into a non-profit patent-unprotected world of Creativity, Passion and Kinship that isn't ruled by the Corpo-Religious Oligarchy game of Constant Consumerist Capitalist War of Ownership... right?


So, why (the day AFTER global woman's day) is Free Planet condoning you watch this chimera-drenched biblical video presentation from The Prophecy Club, ffs?  Well, agnostic means you can't actually prove the existence/or otherwise of a 'god' or 'demon' or 'hybrid' or 'giant', so why bother me with the cries and shrieks and denunciations from your high-n-mighty moral plateau. Free Planet (whatever the source) has to be about ONLY THE TRUTH, and if this guy thinks he's found it, then let's hear his story.

Henrik Aa Uldalen - shattered faces - lonely eyes

here is the artwork of Norwegian nee South Korean self-taught figurative artist Henrik Aa Uldalen, especially his series on eyes...

dream - Dream School - Modular Dorm Orphanage

there wasn't a straight line in the place.

It was either a VERY EXCLUSIVE country private school or it was a buried school underground or it was a floating school in deep space... I can't be sure which as the dream (for the purposes of vivid recollection) started during a School Play. But it was no ordinary school play, nor no ordinary school stage. It was all hydraulic, or was moving in some way. The play might have been about being on a boat or ship and the waves were rocking the boat, and/or only the seats were moving, or both. Sound effects of the creaking wood and everything. This theatre was very plush, there was stained oak and leather everywhere.

And the wife accompanied me, and that's rare in OTHER WORLD dreams of this nature.

We wandered out of the theatre area and found empty room after room where the kids lived. This was just like dorm rooms you might find at college; scruffy, lived in, replete with the tedious details of communal living. We spent some time ex…

The Forgotten Promise - Sherry Wilde - cover appreciation

as far as the interviews/presentations I've seen/heard with/by Sherry Wilde go, the cover of her book The Forgotten Promise (Rejoining Our Cosmic Family) is as close as a cover illustration comes to perfection.

Reminds this blogger of that poignant cancer-care advert where the diagnosed cancer-man is stood in the blistering cold wind of the arctic, stood there in his flapping green hospital gown, shivering and alone.

Similarly, this cover illustrartion has the clean infestation (or manifestation) of the UFO-people and their chrome light-craft and below it the young girl left shivering and cold upon the heath overlooking the gravity-valley of her pre-programmed future. I like the font, I like the choice of colour, the layout of text. All of it. I love it.

I'm looking forward to reading this revelatory book by Sherry Wilde, somehow somewhen somewhere.

EXTRA STUFF: Joanne Summerscales of AMMACH (anomalous mind management abductees helpline) recently reappeared in the role of inte…

Владимир Петрань - Vladimir Petran - oil paintings with a sculptural surface.

Belarusian artist Владимир Петрань makes art that looks like it has a sculpted or embossed surface and I love it, especially this first Lepidopterist image.

According to the artist who's just explained his 'process', there's nothing sculptural or embosssed about the art they're just OIL PAINTINGS. As fellow artist and New Zealander Phil DuChard said in reaction to this post, "Oil paints can't do that."

Simply superb.

Narratively, this last image (above, for me) tells of the splitting up of this Free Planet into seven or eight warrior territories... and I'm not sure if this segregation was done before or after the end of the last Ice Age or about the time of the Great Cataclysmic Flood or Floods that happened between 9,500 and 10,500 B.C. on this Earth.

DREAMS ARE OUR SAFEWORD - what are these physical - places we visit every night

expanding the premise that 'the dream worlds we visit' every night are real, physical places, elsewhere in our universe.

These places have their own complex physicality. Many times they involve cities or complexes of houses or rooms or streets that co-exist and evolve and mutate and grow and shrink - there are certain places we revisit or certain quests we rerun. They're dreams, right. Not real. But why should this only takes place during our dreams, at night, when we're sleeping? When we're unconscious? When we can't injury ourselves or our galactic neighbours?

What if these worlds we're transported to are 'real places out there in the universe'? Maybe night-time physical unconsciousness is 'the safest place' for such (physical (actual (nightly))) inter-galactic travel/communication, for both us and for them, the people occupying the worlds at the far end of our journeys...


MEDITATE on a Free Planet of Creativity, Passion and Kinship

enough of this incessant 'thinky',
I'm just going to MEDITATE on a Free Planet of Creativity, Passion and Kinship.
That's all it needs; un-thought, non-plan, no-gain.

Ghostbusters 2016 - new trailer arrives - I ain't afraid of no Mommies

Seriously, have a look at this, Sony've shamelessly rebranded the whole Ghostbusters NY-savers for the mommies's. That's what they'll call the 10s, the 2010s that is, they'll call them The Mommies's.

When original geek-quartet Venkman, Stantz, Spengler (and Zeddemore) were running around in their nuke-packs cleaning up the streets of NY, Ghostbusters reflected a society of sacked corporo-gov employees turned entrepreneuers. This 1984 film can be said to have heralded the first snatched breaths of the DotCom Bubble.

I just don't get who Sony are appealing to here, in 2016's relaunch of Ghostbusters. Apart from The Mommies. I really don't get it...

Dr. Carol Rosin - Gulf War was planned - ten years in advance

Free Planet remembers the first Gulf War, back in May of 1987. I remember what I was doing the night the MICC or Military Industrial Congressional Complex (sic) unleashed the Tomohawk cruise missiles upon Saddam's territory. Back then, it was never mentioned or suggested or inferred or remarked upon that this 'war' might have been a MICC-engineering exercise to sell more weapons and exert more force upon You The People.

Here, ex-NASA aid Dr Carol Rosin tells of the meetings she was in concerning 'space based weapons' and how War World does business.

"...and the War in the Gulf happened, right on time," Dr. Carol Rosin.

Conventions, conspiracies and con-jobs.

this is Free Planet, folks, and Free Planet deals only with the truth. You'all believe this, right? It's why you're here in the first place?

So, what, in recent times, has Free Planet been doing sponsoring by association such outlandish shit as trans-dimensional transportation-systems i.e. UFOs and their Little Green Men chauffeurs? Though (if the stories are true) many of the so-called alien races visiting this Earth are neither little or green, we don't even know if the concept 'men' is still valid in the universe.

Earth may be the only place that still practises animalistic SEXUAL REPRODUCTION involving egg and sperm i.e. vaginal penetration. No way to tell if Earth's the norm or the exception. And this trickles down to the whole faery-tales vs real history aspect of all our past interactions with the Time & Space game.

What is Time?
What is Space?
What is Free Planet?

All three are mere conventions, concepts, curios in a junk shop dealing with stra…