Screw politics - Screw finances - Screw godma

yeah, so, I'm a radical... but that's important, or else we're all in this shit together without knowing why.


Well, it's true, isn't it? Why do we do what we do? Are we just servants of our masters; our position in society, our upbringing, our friends and relatives?

What if we ONE DAY decided that we are going to live this life THE WAY WE WANT TO LIVE IT?
What if we ONE DAY decided that we are going to be in the place WE WANT TO BE IN?
What is we ONE DAY decided that this world is FUCKED and WE DESERVE BETTER?

Screw politics
Screw finances
Screw godma

Is that too harsh? No, I don't think so. Politics, finance and godma is the reason we're at war all the time. It funds terror. It funds weapons. It funds belief in ridiculous otherworldly entities who are better at the moral game than you and your mum and your dad.

Simple fact is, "It's our Free Planet," not their playground-addicted asset/resources whore to fist to death for a bit of cheap profit on the side. It's not their secret world of patents and copyright with which they can charge for breathing and pissing. It's nobody's really, at the same time as it's collectively EVERYBODY's. We have A LOT OF THINGS TO THINK ABOUT before we even deserve to think about 'the other things' that we think/believe/are told our world is made up of.

What if you wanted to improve this Free Planet so that your children's children would be proud of the world you created for them...


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