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Electric Universe - traumatic energy - can the human mind be made to forget?

THE NEXT BIT IS PURE SPECULATION and I haven't looked into the scientific application of using electricity to wipe a person's brain, let alone wipe the collective memory of an era of people, but I'm going to progress with my word-salad.

What if...

...all around the world monuments made using technology that seems VERY CONTEMPORARY like perfectly symmetrical quartz-laden marble sculptures with tools that couldn't cut through that are smoothed to a glass-like sheen, organic polymer concrete, circular saws that appear to be wafer thin yet able to slide through granite cuboids to fom the sarchophogii or the Nile Delta... 100 and 200 tonnes block quarrying and movement to temple... whole temples carved out of a limestone hillside.... I mean, the list goes on.

We're supposed to have got to the point we are at now (technologically) after some long haul out of a basic hunter-gatherer existence some three thousand years ago. We suspect that the great archeological discoveri…

Star Citizen - four years on - the grand re-build

EDITORIAL: yeah, I do realise I've invested far too much of my own valuable time on planet Earth assessing a game I'm not being paid to improve yet...

If a game giant like Sega, Konami or Nintendo were making the Star Citizen demo, at this four-year point in its development with the first full-size planet Hurston about to attract thousands of interested backers, they would GUT THE WHOLE THING. Yes, this is how the Big Games are made. They muck about for half a decade then scrap most of it, building and refining upon ONLY THOSE THINGS THAT WORK properly or fulfil the desired spec of their intended product.

Design-wise, Star Citizen currently looks weird and fractured like it's been hammered together from different bits of scrap metal. This is not even a surprise considering the game was Kickstarter-pitched as a carrier-launched space-flight-sim-game like Star Wars X-wing (which was great) and a CryEngine'd version of something like that would have been lovely. Then plan…

Electric Universe posts the best counter-argument yet to Standard Cosmology

This is just a lovely, and cogent, and detailed editorial on the subject of 'the emptiness of deep space' as described by Standard Cosmology.

ELECTRIC UNIVERSE, I'm telling you, this is going to be how we have to see our universe.

9/11 update - Dr Judy Wood - the ALCHEMY device

"The ability to transmute the atoms of our existence into SOMETHING ELSE!" according to Dr Judy Wood in this 2017 interview, you could DUSTIFY the entire planet with this free-energy Tesla device.

Seriously, more important than who clicked the GO BUTTON on the 9/11 Operation, is the use of a spectacular free energy tool for the whole of mankind, not just some military economic coup in the name of Secured & Arbitrary Corporate Governance of 200,000,000 people in the USA.

The Twin Towers turned to dust in mid-air, we know this because all the falling tonnage should have left a much larger seismic footprint and far much more solid debris than actually resulted on the morning of September 11th 2001.

"He who controls the people, but he who controls their perception controls everything," Dr Judy Wood

FORGOTTEN TECHNOLOGY DISCOURSE: on the subject of forgotten technology throughout History mentioned in the above inerview, were things get discovered in earlier centuries,…

the best HISTORY OF JAPAN you'll ever see

just watch, in wonder...

Haruki Murakami - Commending Killatory - dramatic new book review....

wow, did I really just type, Commending Killatory? That would appear to be the new Spoonerism for Haruki Murakami's Killing Commendatore from Harvill Secker, just released in hardback.

Remember, I've been Haruki Murakami's #1 fan for donkey's years. Well, this is a bit of an exaggeration, "I like the way he writes softly-surreal dip-in anecdotal-fiction that seems to have NO BEGINNING and NO END." that's brave. I respect that. Especially when your book is 700+ pages long and is sloooooooow. That's not too bad, it was an easy read, and I didn't once get bored. I really enjoyed it, in fact...

but this uncomfortable spectre hanging over all those pages... this "my breasts aren't growing" thing, from the young girl painted in the book at the whim of her might-be-father. More on that later.
He's MURAKAMI now, remember; not the Haruki Murakami s he's been for the last dozen works...

That's the name he's using now on his b…

Biblical Creationism inadvertantly explains the Electric Universe

I watched the forthcoming videos NOT with an eye to proving the Creationist agenda (dated by adding the ages of the parents of parents in the Bible) but of some great interstellar catastrophe involving our best sun as the Egyptians called the brown-dwarf Saturn, a star where the plasma sheath extends out way beyond its surface under less electric pressure than the high electric pressure of our Sun.

Iff we can convince ourselves that our sun was not the first star this planet neighboured, then, when proto-Saturn arrived into the sun's electric influence with its planet in tow, ours included, any exchange of parent star would result in a MASSIVE ELECTRICAL STORM until stability of new orbit was attained. There's also a gravity issue as Earth's inabitants shift from a high plasma (low gravity) position inside the plasma sheath of proto-Saturn to a low plasma (high gravity) distant from the surface of their new sun.

I suspect the Atlantic and Pacific trenches were carved elect…

Electric Universe - Galactic influence on evolution - Earth has an alternative timeline

I've been asking the people who run the Electric Universe and are involved in the Thunderbolts Project for an alternative timeline for planet Earth, as we call it.

According to their concept of how galaxies, stars and planets form, and based on observations noted down in mythology of an alien electric sky and its gods, Earth might not be the slow-accretion slow-sedimentation slow-evolution rock that we've all thought.

Hell, if you can carve out a catastrophic mountain range like the Rockies in a few moments of electrical discharge activity between near-colliding planets (one native, one (ours) foreign) then what is the real age of the rock and the dinosaurs one might find in it?

Earth is proposed to have arrived with other planetary bodies like Mars and (brown dwarf star) Saturn and a new-born plasma-expelled Venus only very recently as they were electrically captured by our Sun. A massive gravity change due to dropping out of Saturn's electrical influence caused the deat…

Planetary gaming - Universe gaming - Asset stripper design limitations.

So, games like Eve Online, Elite Dangerous, Dual Universe, Star Citizen and No Man's Sky... what are they hoping to achieve, gameplaywise?

They're all set in space ... and SPACE IS VERY verrrrry BIG.

To strip the fuck out of the newly-discovered universe. Even the mostly-positive No Man's Sky is an evil asset strip of every innocent planet a player finds.

Same with Star Citizen, it's a fucking ugly mess of rocket fuel and quantum fuel and oxygen-farming and assets to PROFIT from. This kind of OPEN UNIVERSE with LACK OF CREATIVE POSITIVITY makes a true-sandbox-gamer like myself ill. Same with ALL OF THEM...

All of these space games are suffering from this basic ego-maniacal design-limitation, the accrual of stolen asset. All's we're doing is teaching the kids of tomorrow how to FUCK EACH OTHER OVER for a few silver coins in a bag. Sorry, that's the wrong thing to be teaching the kids of tomorrow. It's one of the major reasons I got out of the games indu…

Electric Universe - Jacob Gable - Electric Comets and Plasma Serpents in the Lab

Jacob Gable is re-creating archetypal plasma formations in his low-pressure jars in his 'lab'.

Snakes digging for food.
Craters cratering the rims of craters.
Dualism of Birkeland circuit pairs reigning supreme.

seventeenth 9/11 anniversary - Trump/Pence speeches - same old corporate same old


how utterly fucking disgusting and cynical, mainslime media here in UK, I'm talking about BBC and SKY obvz, is regurgitating the time-worn corporate message of 19 so-called arabs flying two planes into three buildings and VOMIT HORROR BULLSHIT CONVLUTED HERO story later, I'm still as stunned as I am every fucking 9/11 anniversary.

How can the people who support this Corporate Conspiracy to Deceive and Delay Truth-finding with their mainstream news platforms sleep at night, knowing (or at least HEAVILY SUSPECTING) that the nonsense tale of hi-jacking and bullseye targeting of 'a pair of very thin buildings' at that speed and altitude by coccaine-arab pilots who were fucking shit in all their Cesna lessons the 3-letts paid for...

I'd like to start this post again, with less emotional vocabulary but you know what, "Fuck Political Correctness!" on this (and other false-flag) issue(s). Today's 17th Annivesary Pence speech was dog vomit. Today…

Electric Universe - David Icke - Saturn Worship

of all the alternative-mindset concepts the Free Planet blog has featured, like 9/11 and UFOs and Growing Earth and gah there's loads of them, Talbott and Thornhill's ELECTRIC UNIVERSE has proven to be the most alluring... for myself and others.

While I've been banging on about electric universe for a few years now, I'm habitually 50/50 as to whether I totally subscribe to Talbott and Thornhill's ideas about having an ancient sun (i.e. Saturn) that was depicted in carving and symbolism by ancient man and carried through to modern times by the secretive Freemasonic and other agencies.

Electric Universe seems to (want to) negate 'gravity' and 'collisions' as the guiding dynamic of the universe and promotes the idea that 'we are all part of the electric matrix' that glows or doesn't glow depending on the electrical potential across the light years. Venus is so hot, so young, there's no way it can be considered part of the standard accr…

Star Citizen - Roadmap Update - wot no multi-system?

after someone in the dev team accidentally uploaded a 3.3-3.6 Roadmap a couple of weeks ago that was all sortsa wrong, RSI aka CIG aka makers of both the Star Citizen and Squadron 42 games have finally uploaded THE PROPER ROADMAP charting the expected progress of the Star Citizen (it's not a f***ing sandbox) game through to the end of 2019...

Most obvious omission this time, apart from Hurston-system planets Crusader or Microtech, "No mention of MULTI-SYSTEM," now I know that there's lots to be getting on with, I mean, "There's a whole universe of possibilities to open up," graphically, gameplay-wise and narratively.

Actually, another great omission from ANY STAR CITIZEN publicity or roadmap or published plans, it seems, is the switch from the totally story-driven single-payer event that is Squadron 42 to the totally story-driven multi-payer event that is 'the verse' or Star Citizen. One thing's for certain, the backers think they're ge…

Eileen McKusick - Human Bioelectricity - Electric Universe Model

while she appears to be working on the purely INTUITIVE level, Eileen McKusick is integrating her thesis-research on how a tuning fork can map the human magnetic field and how it relates to MEMORY into Wal Thornhill and David Talbott's ELECTRIC UNIVERSE and THUNDERBOLTS OF THE GODS cosmological model.

Sounds like 'those corporations who pushed wireless broadband and cell phones technology upon us' must have known how INTRINSICLY ILL-MAKING this microwave stream might be to our organic electromagnetic field, and health, and mental state, and knowledge. Maybe they just don't give a fuck, or maybe it's all a lovely plan to 'keep up stupid' and 'keep us dependent on the state' i.e. Corporate Government, as God.

Star Citizen - identity crisis - still doesn't know what it is...

six years down the line, and (while No Man's Sky is suddenly looking full-bodied and finished and proper) Star Citizen from CIG with ten times the number of devs in L.A., Texas, Frankfurt and Wilmslow is languishing in FIH or first-iteration hell.

FIH means all its current gaming features implemented to first-functionality level. Nothing seems to have been thought out further than this initial two-week sprint-task solution. No integration of systems. No grand overscheme to dictate variety and flavour of gaming experience. No unity of galactic vision or play style.

Six years down the toilet, not only is Star Citizen lacking a REAL DESIGN PROTOTYPE for interplanetary travel and trading (they're just hoping it all works when they plug it in) there's a more serious issue of IDENTITY CRISIS. Six years down the design and production path, Star Citizen is struggling with fundamental design choices that should have, could have, been made years ago. And it has to start making them…

film trailer BLOOD MACHINES please don't be shit

Blood Machines is the sequel to a music video for a song by Carpenter Brut made (in homage to the eighties) by the French garage-film-makers Seth Ickerman.

Currently, they have doubled requested pledges on the Blood Machines Kick Starter Page, and soon let's hope we are able to see all this crazy shit in one long delicious nostalgic film project.

Can't wait!

Hecate - rocking hell - from sunny Finland

Hecate aka Rachael Kozak, has just been interviewed on SCORE -- click that.

A couple of years ago, Hecate and my writing persona Hertzan Chimera nearly wrote a novel together. It was going to be called VENOMIST Rachael reminds me, and would have been as vicious as fuck. Time evaporated. Space folded. The parent branch parted into its child branches. Life went on...

Electric Universe - positions of the invading planets - simulation of arrival

this is an Electric Universe enigma that needs answering, "Based on where the planets are right now, their orbits, orientations, distances from sun and local spins, where did the proto-Saturn cluster come from?" and by this I mean:

the pre-Earth-arrival star we now call the sun had Jupiter orbiting it and Mercury Uranus Neptune ... and maybe some other planets we no longer see due to the 'new arrivals' knocking them for six, either as an electrical exchange of plasma or as a simple collision of heavenly bodies scenario.

Is someone out there clever enough to write an Archaic Solar System-penetration model based on the current members and their properties using, say, standard Electric Charge Exchange Formulae? I'd like to know a) which angle did the Earth-trailing proto-Saturn as-brown-dwarf come in from and potentially which part of our galaxy b) what happened to the planets of host and incoming star based on where the survivors are today and c) WHEN.

This last q…

No Man's SKy - NEXT coming next week - Star Citizen R.I.P.

I've wasted the last year or so trying to get myself online-involved LOL in the improvement and enhancement of the forthcoming-for-six-years record-setting crowd-funded-to-the-tune-of $190,000,000 five-studios 500-employees dull-dry pay-to-win game-dirge i.e. Star Citizen.... to no avail.

Meanwhile, NEXT...  watch this, coming next week. No Man's Sky was also a crowd-funded project coming out of Guildford, Surrey. Tiny team. Procedural joy. Rampant psychedelia toned down by a decent lighting model. Graphical enhancements galore. PVP-police i.e. friendly sentinels. Third-person multi-species customisable-characters w/ backpack interface(!) and stowable jetpacks(!) Races. Bases. Clouds. Weather. Planets. Fleets. I mean, NMS is suddenly looking PFA or Pretty-Frickin-Awesome.

Roll on NEXT week....

Oh, and this just LEAKED, Next gameplay... I'm sorry, multi-alien species, lush base building, incoming storms, proper excavationary mining, all-a that new goodness, NMS_2018 is look…

flying car - finally a decent contender - Black Fly

I like EVERYTHING about this radical 'flying car design' -- now go buy your twenty licenses of military-airspace flight-permissions and all'a that corporate-ownership shit....

Electric Universe - get it right - time over function

worth mentioning.

Star Citizen - friend or foe - vote of no confidence

Star Citizen still has NO IDEA WHAT IT IS after six years of game development.


Chris Roberts has all this stuff in his head and vaguely describes this stuff as 'the best damn space sim ever' and it can never get there. There is no game, yet, there's just a story episode (Squadron 42) and a 'verse episode (Star Citizen) that might or might not be story-based. It's certainly supposed to be first-person when the current pre-alpha is allowing the player to play in third person. There's not even a traditional BETA-LIST of content the producer and the game publisher have agreed to start culling, assuming an agreed publication date for the game. There is no beta-list of content, yet, for either of these products. There is no publisher for either of these products. Nor any agreed publication date for either of these products.

Star Citizen is rogue with a Capital-R. Or a capital-C if you're following CIG's economic 'selling dirt to the backers' bus…

Trailer - Cage - Mandy

it's been a while since I intentionally went out of my way to watch a Nicholas Cage film (might have been NEXT, the nearly-decent Philip K Dick adaptation) but I think I'm'a gonn' get ma Caaaaaaage on fer this'un.

MANDY, I mean what-the-unholy redlit essence of sulphur, dear baphomet-sophia!

Maths is screwed - zero and infinity - what base ten really looks like

Zero and Infinity, you find books written on these topics in all good book shops.

Look at my hands, that's base ten that is, and I'm going to count. My thumb is one, then the four fingers of that hand. Then the thumb and four fingers of the other hand. Here's how base ten 'should look' without zero and infinity messing up the beautiful equation.

I II III IV V VI VII XIII IX X ... this is a counting example from Roman times showing how 'ten' wasn't always represented as the start-number of the second zero-series row. It used to mean 'we've got to the end of our fingers on the first base-ten series'. We needs another pair of hands...

The next row of base ten is:

XI XII XIII XIV XV XVI XVII XVIII XIX XX ... the double-x means we've come to the end of using our two pairs of hands.

The ZERO was invented by Brahmagupta back in the sixth century. And it's not a number. It's a concept. The concept of 'having nothing'. You can'…

Bosnian Pyramid Complex - sure, it's a hoax - move on...

Image that we've got rid of the sensationalist naysayers and grant-funded academicians, here's the latest presentation of evidence suggesting that the Bosnian Pyramids Complex (Sun, Moon, Earth & Dragon) is more than a little like the Teotihuacan complex of pyramids just outside of Mexico City. And made of very modern concrete, dating from 24,000 to 12,000 BC...

It's interesting stuff. Let's see where this goes if/when they scrape off the whole area...

Japanese MMA - Tenshin Nasukawa - kick ass kid

I don't normally do 'sports' on the Free Planet blog, but I always respect karate kids who are this fucking hardcore that they can switch style and dominate their newly chosen sport with consummate ease.

From Japan, this kid's like the Mozart of the kickboxing ring with an amateur record of 99-5 by the age of 18, Tenshin Nasukawa has recently been kickin' ass on the MMA circuit. One to watch. For sure...

...despite his MMA-groundwork needing a bit of spit and polish. ;)

Ancient History - The future has already happened - Rewriting our past.

in this charmingly cogent video gently narrated by Barry Fitzgerald the topic of THE MISDIRECTION OF OUR HISTORY is discussed. This Misdirection, Barry insists is reinforced by those who report upon our history, write our history books and teach our children what's supposed to have happened.

Barry takes his cue from the work of Silvie Ivanova who has put out many Ancient History videos through her hypnotic NEW EARTH youtube channel, several of which I've already featured here on the Free Planet blog.

Wales - the Land of Kings - full version...

thanks to Richard D Hall of Rich Planet for putting together this excellent re-working of the historical British timeline...

Coelbren Alphabet, coming via Egypt and the Mediterranean
A List of British Kings, coming via Wales not Germany
Did we all used to speak Khumric, or ancient Assyrian?

Also: check this out... despite the fact that (while the ancient Welsh history is spot on) it all gets a little bit PC and BBC-propaganda-ish wrt the 'invasion of the Romans' and how they voluntarily left the country, and weren't kicked the f*** out by Arthur I and pursued across Europe until they were decimated as Souxance. There's no mention of Arthur II kicking out the Anglo-Saxons from a decimated Britain post-592AD comet strike upon Briton and Bolivia.

But it does call the ancient people of Briton THE KHUMRY, so soon one would expect them to spot all the Coelbren Inscriptions littering the British countryside. Don't hold your breath, remember Oxford, remember BBC.

E3 Scorn - gameplay trailer - gigertastic nonsense

...and because I save a small dark corner of my heart for anything this blatantly Giger-ish, here's a recent gameplay trailer for October-due game SCORN

E3 Hideo Kojima - Death Stranding - Lyndsay Wagner

...and suddenly I'm interested in video games all over again + Lyndsay Wagner as she looked in her Bionic Woman role: hint hint...

Star Citizen - so much wasted potential - couldn't have said it better myself

the facts are simple, Star Citizen's now like an over-reaching corporation that's diversified behond the point where it can actually deliver.

For me, it'll never come out in its current form. There are many reasons why but most involve the transition from alpha 2.6 to alpha 3.0 when so many disparate things went into this game for no real reason. It's now five years in the making and, unlike any real game company, they still haven't gone through the ANALYSE GAME AND SEE WHAT WORKS i.e. strip out the dead weight and polish the best bits, yet.

The actual gaming experience right now in 2018, their 3.1.4 live build alpha, is drab and derivative and diluted from 'what it could have been' or as this excellent rant from a sombre once-backer puts it, "Such wasted potential..." and I agree with him.

No Man's Sky at E3... evil WARE memos ahoy... super MOD'd multi-player

Remember that game that was a shambollic miserable dismal failure when it launched in 2016... NO MAN'S SKY... looked shoddy, had less than half the stuff it should have had in it... look at it now, two years later. I mean, "Wow! wow! wow!" Youtube channel LPlaysGaming has loads of these new MOD'd vids of NMS worlds, flora and fauna. And he's a super hyped advocate of the maniacally rainbow NMS experience, a sheer joy to watch.

PS: Love the boolean-geometry exploding asteroids at about the 06:30 mark in the above video ... erm, this failed-in-2016 project is looking like pretty-damn-cool at this year's E3.

PPS: watch this too because, "He was right!"

...and... MULTI-PLAYER.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all coming in July 24-27 depending on your territory.

Electric Universe - Alien Sky - Pyramids in an electric environment

if you live in a(n Ancient Egyptian-era)  world where GALACTIC ELECTRICITY is far more prevalent in the universe, in fact you live on a far more electrical world than  today, then you can TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT by making all kinds of monuments and gadgets that DON'T MAKE ANY FUNCTIONAL SENSE AT ALL today.

So, anything round about 10,000 BC when the Earth could have last been subject to these electrical stresses from a nearby interaction with a new sun and a series of moving planets.

Star Citizen - one hand thrust control - Star Map scanning interface

anyone who's worked with me on 3D games like Medievil, Ghostmaster, Gun, Simpsons, Star Wars etc. know I hate ugly sim-based spread-sheet interfaces heavy on lists of assets and keyboard layouts per unique situation. Yes, I'm also referring to Star Citizen and its convoluted keyboard-mapped speed-control IFCS/ESP flight/aim-model of the MMO carrier-lanched space game Star Citizen by Cloud Imperium Games.

For example: you can't actually take-off with the Star Citizen speed-based flight model because (when you're parked on a planet) you're exhibiting zero meters per second. They had to \add the Space Bar Take-off Press to actually direct thrust directly down so you can take off because 'the whole flight model' is a relic of a Carrier-launched space-flight system! And you need both hands to fly these convoluted control systems, because, sim-gaming. One hand on a mouse. The other hand on another input device or hotas or joystick etc... with other functionality…

Electric Universe meet Atlantis - Discourses on an Alien Sky - brand new episode

According to legend, the Gods have always been the stars and comets and planets of our recently-revealed SKY.

Here David Talbott talks about the most infamous of all places we regurgitate from mythology or legend, ATLANTIS.

Crackin' archetypical investigation, as always.

Electric Universe - giant stone balls - Olmec heads etc...

because I graze around the alternative fringe of Science all the time, I sometimes come across things I wouldn't normally have found if I was a simple researcher within my chosen field.

But they're not. They're everywhere. All over the world. Some are small, there are lots of them. Some are the size of Olmec Heads, you know the ones, it's (probably) a found giant stone ball that's then been carved with African-esque features. And they're found in Peru. Yeah, weird.

But what are they?
If you've never heard of the Electric Universe, chances are you've never heard of the Martian Blueberries. And these are an electrical phenomenon that can be duplicated in the lab by forcing a large current through nothing as complicated as soils; sandy, clay, loam.

All kinds of combinations of what we know as soil, when thus subjected to electrical stress, will produce these 'blueberries' or blobs of stone. You find so…

Ancient Architects - Stonehenge - were the stones always there?

as explained in this video by the Ancient Architects youtube page, it seems possible that all the giant Sarsens and all the accompanying Bluestones of the world-famous Stonehenge monument were local to the vicinity of Salisbury Plain i.e. not transported for tens or hundreds of miles, respectively.

Brian Foerster - Ancient Egypt - ten to twelve foot mummies in the Cairo Museum?

until the evidence exudes from the Egyptian records office, this is all decorative speculation on the part of Brian Foerster stood beside 'normal height' sarcophagii on the first floor of the Cairo Museum.

Either these GIANT sarcophagii contain'd ten to twelve foot mummies, or they're just decorations with nothing inside them but structural bracing. Maybe someone out there already knows whether this is a bullshit story or not...

If geopolymerisation existed at one point back in history, when alabaster and granite and limestone could be made chemically as a kind of concrete, then all this talk of AHT or Ancient High Technology is no longer needed - you could cut these 'stones' with a length of wet rope when they were still in their 'wet' or 'unset' state.

Electric Universe - Peter Mungo Jupp - Comets and Asteroids are the same thing

this might comes as a surprise to those of you who professionally subscribe to the well-respected Accretion Disc of Solar and Planetary Creation hypothesis.

In the ADOSPC hypothesis, asteroids are the results of aeons of gravitational settling creating dirty balls of ice at the outer reaches of the solar system i.e. originating from the named Oort Cloud region. Electric Universe suggests that BOTH comets and asteroids are rocky boulders torn electrically from planets fully formed with stratographic layers, sand dunes and rubble.

These powerful electric rocks actually have a plasma-discharge effect as they pass the sun. I mean, this is hardly the 'gravitational model' of tiny rock sliding past nuclear furnace one would expect.

Ancient Egypt - Stephen Mehler - or rather Ancient Khemit, Land of Osiris

Ancient Egyptology has been annihiliated and re-purposed by decades of political manipulation.

Ancient Egypt, though you didn't know this, was a Matriarchal Society -- there were NO ANCIENT EGYPTIAN KINGS. The 'Temples' or High House we hear so much of are the PerAa or Mother's House, of the five types of Per -- PerAa doesn't mean Pharaoh. Skip to 00:24:00 if you're eager for that radical re-assessment.

Otherwise, watch Stephen Mehler explain it all to you, so that you'll (finally) understand how wrong Champoleon, and the Greek translators before him, was.

Mike Philbin - abstract art - site update

over the weekend, I updated the WIX-hosted Mike Philbin Abstract Art website: edited a few things out, shifted a few things around, added some new 2018 material, that kinda thing.

Electric Universe - Yamnaya people - proto-Saturnian-split date?

yes, this looks like Free Planet taking the Bible as a Historical Document...

The Electric Universe concept (ameliorated by David Talbott's research into the pictographs of ancient peoples around the world) suggests that the Sun might not be our original star. So, I was triple-excited to find out about the GIANT Yamnaya people (named Corded Ware people, because of their distinctive pottery) from the Causcasus mountains in Georgia near the Black Sea. And their migration into this part of western europe.

I'm so interested in these Yamnaya people because (iff the electric universe hypothesis of a proto-Saturnian origin star for Earth and other planets is valid) there should have been a MASSIVE INCREASE in the gravity of the planet once Earth disconnected from its red-dwarf parent and adopted an electrically stable resonant orbit of its new parent, our Sun. It's to do with electric gravity, but let's not dwell...

I'm interested because th…

Cambridgeshire 1,000 BC - Must Farm - Our very own Pompeii?

by that, I don't mean, "Bronze age Cambridgeshire suffered a volcano," but the level of preservation in this fenland homestead is comparable to Italy's famous frozen Roman city.

I've been waiting for a documentary about this site since I first heard about the initial dig back in 2015.

I love the way these Must Farm bronze long-knifes are very similar to those swords from Troy used by Achilles and Paris! Yeah, I know I'm delving wittingly into Wilson/Blackett's Brutus of Troy comes up to UK via the straits of Gibraltar back in 1400 BC territory but...  why not? Coelbren speaking too?

Electric Universe - The Atlantis Connection - Earth's Valles Marenaris.

so, I was listening to this thing about Atlantis, I know, right, I shouldn't right? But then I started looking at the mid-Atlantic place where there's NOTHING. I mean, there's nothing apart from a wiggling north-to-south TRENCH which we all know i.e. suspect, has something to do with oceanic stretch. Right? Vulcanism? Plate tectonics? Right?

But look closer at the image, in fact look right at the drop-offs at the western USA and eastern EU edges. Such a drop-off of SEVERAL HUNDRED FEET. Doesn't this look familiar to anyone who's followed my blog before, namely Mars' electric universe-gouged Valles Marineris. Those blunt tributaries and the steepness of the scalloped edges?

Are we looking at a Solon-recorded ELECTRIC UNIVERSE or THUNDERBOLT OF THE GODS event some 9,000 years before Plato's 560 BC rewriting of the 'Death of Atlantis' when 'that great empire' was cruelly eradicated because it was an unlucky anchor point for a global plasmatic …

Asteroid discoveries in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter 1980-2011

the red ones cross the Earth, but for me the better ones are the Greeks and Trojans placed 60 degrees either side of Jupiter on the far side of the 'martian' asteroid belt.

You'll notice that we're the third dot from the sun and most of the asteroidal discoveries are made with the sun behind Earth (the periodic white conical flashes through the growing-discovery system..

Ancient Egypt - Moulded concrete - what if this is true?

okay, so it's a really irritating editorial style... but, what if the ancient egyptians knew how to make CONCRETE from crushed rose granite and other pummelled stone?

This same 'concrete technology' has been witnessed all over the ancient world i.e. South America, also.

ADDITIONAL RESEARCH: here's some extra testimony from Professor Joseph Davidovits, who's been cracking on about (agglomerated) limestone and marble and granite i.e. CONCRETE, since 1979.

Levelling off a site is also easier with CONCRETE... you don't need spirit levels and technology of any sort... you just make a pit and pour in the mixture, and the mixture will AUTO-LEVEL.

Electric Universe - EYE OF THE SAHARA - an electric discharge feature?

look to Mars, dear reader...

Mars has a scar, a scar that runs one third of the way around its equator. It's called the Valles Marineris and it's a Grand Canyon-like structure with tightly scalloped edges may have been carved from the Martian surface by insanely brutal electric forces i.e. when Electric Worlds Collide'd, some time in the not-too-distant past. And by that I mean, "Not billions of years ago," but maybe hundreds of thousands of years ago, or more recently i.e. within recorded human history. Some strange lightshow in the sky an ancient human race might have recorded in cave art, whilst cowering from the electric storm.
The image (above) shows a DISTURBINGLY SIMILAR tightly rock cut, or scalloped, electric-discharge resonant feature in the west of the Sahara Desert here on Earth. It's called the Eye of the Sahara and has features of both Mars' Valles Marineris and Olympus Mons, the big electric blister three times higher than Everest. Resonan…

Jeremy Corbell - Patient Seventeen - not from this GALAXY

Patient Seventeen is out there; I'm not concerned how you see it, just see it.

In this rivetting documentary from film-maker Jeremy Corbell, a thing is pulled from a patient's leg by surgeon Dr Roger Leir r.i.p. and it contains a wierd hotch-potch of sometimes ultra-poisonous metals in isotopic ratios that are just 'not from this planet' nor (it seems) from this part of our galaxy.

Find it, and watch it now.

Tutankhamun - Tuthmose - where's the difference?

Buried in a woman's tomb?

this is almost brilliant.

EXTRA MEDIA for those who care about the debate:
one can apply the concept of GEOPOLYMER i.e. some weird sort of concrete, to make limestone and even marble blocks iff only one knew the method of manufacture of this material used to make potentially the casing stones of the pyramids and the enormously tight-fitting walls of certain Peruvian sites. Maybe this concrete-making was the southern-hemisphere trade-wind trade.

South American marijuana has been found in Ancient Egyptian mummification materials... so something was worth the trade.

This, might help...

Electrical Engineers - Electric Universe - Dark Matter and Dark Energy

it's about time Standard Cosmology and Astrophysical Scientists start investigating the Electric Universe, now.

Maybe the Electrical Engineers can help them see the REAL universe for what it is...

Bukkakeworld - Planet of the Owls - Tenth Anniversary Editions...

published in 2008 as trade paperbacks by Silverthought Press of N.Y., rights were returned to Chimericana Books a couple years after and re-editioned in new covers.

a book about YOU, the corporate lackey, the indentured, the subordinate. Stuck in a job you cannot stomach, under a manager you want to annihilate, in a corporation that wants to grind you into nothing more than human grease to lubricate its inhuman profit-making machine. 

Planet of the Owls:
Marcus (who works part-time at the falafel kiosk in town) awakens to find a giant black and white bird at his window. He's sure that's what he sees: a giant bird with feathers that throb with sinister portent.

2018, both books have been re-issued in 5" by 8" paperback with special TENTH ANNIVERSARY EDITION blue covers. Check out CreateSpace, Amazon and other online booksellers over the coming days and you'll see them there for sale. Go on, you know you're itching to...