No Man's SKy - NEXT coming next week - Star Citizen R.I.P.

I've wasted the last year or so trying to get myself online-involved LOL in the improvement and enhancement of the forthcoming-for-six-years record-setting crowd-funded-to-the-tune-of $190,000,000 five-studios 500-employees dull-dry pay-to-win game-dirge i.e. Star Citizen.... to no avail.

Meanwhile, NEXT...  watch this, coming next week. No Man's Sky was also a crowd-funded project coming out of Guildford, Surrey. Tiny team. Procedural joy. Rampant psychedelia toned down by a decent lighting model. Graphical enhancements galore. PVP-police i.e. friendly sentinels. Third-person multi-species customisable-characters w/ backpack interface(!) and stowable jetpacks(!) Races. Bases. Clouds. Weather. Planets. Fleets. I mean, NMS is suddenly looking PFA or Pretty-Frickin-Awesome.

Roll on NEXT week....

Oh, and this just LEAKED, Next gameplay... I'm sorry, multi-alien species, lush base building, incoming storms, proper excavationary mining, all-a that new goodness, NMS_2018 is looking groovey as fuck.

WEEK LATER UPDATE: my favourite NMS-reporter L Plays Gaming has now had a chance to get his hands on the NEXT relaunch of No Man's Sky and it looks visually and functionally awesome. I can't believe how SOLID this game now looks, this game knows its gaming oats. It's working within its prescribed limitations yet has its game dynamics well completed and doesn't need to do much more, no insane pay-to-win future-proofing nonsense, eh, CIG?

"All my dreams have come true, and we're just getting started," quotes L in his freshly customised Gek Overlord avatar. On all fronts, eat NEXT's dirt, Star Citizen. Eat NEXT's dirt.


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