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Mark McCandlish - ARV Flux Liner - working alien-recovered-vehicle prototype

ZERO POINT is the name of a documentary by independent film-maker James Allen about artist and illustrator Mark McCandlish's involvement with the working ARV or Alien Recovered Vehicle his colleague Brad Sorensson sees at a private eyes-only viewing at Norton AFB Air Show in November of 1988.

James Allen died in 2013 (during the latter stages of editorial work on this film) from an extremely rare & virulant type of cancer. His bloodwork showed massive amounts of twelve radioisotopic heavy metals, only two of which could be attributed to his chemo.

It's not even this crass & cynical finding that makes Free Planet angry.

It's the massive waste of time and effort from You The People (all seven-point-seven billion of you) who are daily expected, nee insinuated by corporate mind-engineering, to fund the war-for-oil scams of the last half century or more. Sincerely, this is a whole waste of our time here on this Free Planet. We need to stop this nonsense, right now. We …

Emptied Gestures - Heather Hanson - kinetic art

Emptied Gestures is an experiment by New Orleans kinetic artistHeather Hanson. She is "exploring ways to download her movement set directly onto paper," emptying gestures from one form to another.

Mesmerising and poignant statement about the Art of You and How You're Doing...

The UFO Religion, its Parishioners and High Priests

and, "No," this is nothing like 'believing in god' before you start - or at least, 'I'd prefer it not to be'.

The UFO Religion, its Parishioners and High Priests.
Look, something seems to be going on in our skies, with our people and with the governments of our world. It's called The UFO Religion, if you like. It's not really called this but it acts like a religion. An icon here, a relic there, stories of liberating wisdom from far-off lands. A legend, or two. In fact, not only is this how religions are presented to us, it's also how The Conquering Armies present their stories of conquest. Look at the Egyptians and their massive walls of victory, carved to show the gigantic Pharaoh levelling all with the wheels of his mighty chariot. This is how all State-sponsored nonsense looks, staged.

If there's ANY REAL PROOF AT ALL that our planet is being visited/harvested/tech-shared by alien, extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional creatures be th…

Rosemary Ellen Guileys - The Djinn - the entity experiencer

Free Planet saw this interview with Rosemary Ellen Guileys a couple of years back and didn't report on it at the time, probably because of her very strong BIG or Belief in God syndrome. This then is an attempt to redress that earlier omission from the so-called CAE or Contemporary Abduction Experience.

The Djinn, demons, fairies, shadow people, and extraterrestrials, "Everything is inter-related," says Guileys and there is a standard 'abduction narrative' of a cover/masking story or lie to defy.

art - zazac namoo - dreamy forestry waves silhouette wonder and joy

check out these delightful in-progress videos of the Art of Zazac Namoo by Korean artist Sung Ho Lee.

dreams - too much death and destruction - new art start with drugs and love and Disney lake angels...

Dreams are another world.

That's what this sleep-place is, ANOTHER WORLD.

And (at the moment in dream after dream after dream every night+morning) there's a gut-wrenching war-of-slaughter in the streets of our normality and (yet) at the same time there's a soul-searching new world growing from the annihilation of the trenches.

A murder world.
An art world.
A drug world.
A friendly world with caring & sharing people who just want to BE and DO, together, like a very large group of well-known friends in a complex town or city.

But this was a (real, living, breathing, south-caost...) city I'd been to before, tried to get transportation out of before, except that it had grown - the supportive Art Factory Shows were getting bigger and bigger, Art on Many Levels. Every exhibit unique. Total warmth of Humanity, despite the necessary slaughter of the masses for 'some unsaid agenda' that got us there.

DAY LATER UPDATE: in an enormous (and disturbingly familiar) Disn…

Antidote - Graham Hancock - Hicks of the Bill

in this amazingly professional and honourable interview by Michael Parker of ANTIDOTE, Magicians of the Gods author Graham Hancock blatantly and shamelessly and super-respectfully channels the late, great, Bill Hicks with his 'and we can explore space together, both inner and outer' if we learn from the lessons of Atlantis.


Testor - Roswell Craft - 1:48 model kit

apparently, Testor's scale 1:48 Roswell Craft debut'd in 1997 (original artwork above) and was reissued in 2005 in this form with plastic sunroof and chill'ing alien cohorts.

Barry King - Peasemore, UK - aliens did it...

...and I love Barry King's speculative comment about the NSA becoming this great-big lumbering global intel surveillance disinfo monolith... d'oh!

Mike Philbin - new paintings - dichotomy series update...

...update about the paintings I've been doing of late. The non-figuratives. The colour tandems. The 'not thinking too hard'ys. I wasn't happy with them. And why should I be? I couldn't even work out which way up to present them. Were they upside down?

But, last night, it came to me in a flash, while I was stood there just 'looking at them' working out how to resolve this issue, thinking of my time in the games industry (matrix multiplies) and as a writer (reading from left to right) ... and I suddenly realised, "I'd been painting landscapes, not portraits."

If I display them in a Arabic Gallery, of course, I'll have to flip them right-to-left for them to make visual sense...

DAYS LATER UPDATE: Here are three new two-colour ones, done on the same-size canvases as the three-colour ones above...

The Legacy of Col. Philip Corso - UFO and ET Technology - drip feeding the mass media

You'll all find the above Back-to-the-Future DENSITY chuckle-quote relavant in the following presentation from the son of Colonel Philip Corso, author of the confessional-whistleblow The Day After Roswell.

The allegations in this book rocked the foundations of the cover-up by revealing how Col. Corso, acting on behalf of the the US government, directly over saw the harvesting and reverse engineering of crashed spacecraft of ET origin, which led to the development of laser technology, fiber optics, polymers and anti-gravity technology. Lt. Col. Corso was a decorated officer who believed the public should know the truth about the extraterrestrial reality and not long before his death, he documented his experiences with ET and Above Top Secret Technology, for future generations. [source X-CON]
The s-leak design of EDI (image above) comes from the massive-flop shit-script 2005 film STEALTH which Corso's son claims is the shape of the Roswell crash vehicle in 1947, minus t…

GridKeeper - Rothschilds were Vikings - fun on the south coast of England

now that self-confessed super-soldier i.e. space marine, James Casbolt aka Michael Prince aka Petrus Romanus aka some bloke from Bristol or was it Devon or was it... became a US citizen, somehow met and married a billionaire heiress of the Meijer family, joined the US military, did some assassinating for his handlers, you get the message... now that he's been convicted of crimes against decency and imprisoned for something like 17 years here in the UK with the more recent threat of indefinite detention in a mental institute of the state's choosing I've not watched any tinfoilhatmaterial via the Miles Johnston Youtube Channel for a good long while but scanning through his latest swathe of  video updates from various Alternate Energy and UFO conferences and MILAB confessionals etc. this two-part video interview with a 'kitchen fitter' calling himself 'GridKeeper' is one of the most charming, whimsical and utterly convincing interviews Miles has done in ages.

Jesus, the Sun, the Cross, Stonemasons, Stonehenge and Egypt

this guy's got it, worked it out, done.

Alyssa Monks - new art direction - nature portraiture

Free Planet has featured the once-photorealistic artwork of Alyssa Monks before, now for the new stuff.

Since the death of her mother, Monks' art journey has undergone a number of radical twists and turns, ditching the large-format photorealistic works in favour of small scale or vignette type snapshots of humanity or hauntingly misted landscapes. But this post will be focussing on her new pseudo-photorealistic portraits that involve nature.

Reminiscent of (and an obvious narrative adaptation of) her steamy-shower paintings of a few years back, this selection of new works overlays the photorealistic portraiture with the strands and fronds and leaves and branches of nature. This is some of her best work to date; enjoy.

The Toreador Dialogues - the Corporate War - finally catches up with you

finally, face to face, the corporate bull or Target and the corporate toreador or Assassin begin a halting conversation... it's mostly a one-way conversation in the form of a PFC or Plea For Compassion. Let's listen in...

Assassin: ...look, just close your eyes and let's get this over.
Target: But you (still) know nothing about me.
Assassin: I know you fought well.
Target: I had no choice, you have a choice.
Assassin: I have as little choice as you.
Target: Seriously, that's your driving motivation?
Assassin: Close your eyes, here it comes.
Target: Wait...

Multiple parallel universes - the energy paradox - not enough to power them all

if "Multiverses" exist then ALL POTENTIAL U-NIVERSEs are always on, ALL POTENTIAL Y-OUs are always on. All the time. And we (these alleged multiversers) are just smoothly blending from timeline to timeline like it's the most natural thing. And it is. It must be. We exist, if we're all potential multiversers, we can all blend from timeline to timeline, having our micro-effect on the vast number of universes we exist in. Every moment is made of a melange of innumerable scales and definitions and other-us's-- now that's all of us. All seven.nine.billion of us, every day, every night. All the time, no separation of timelines. Every living moment is shared (or sharable) across all parallel worlds. Roll a dice. Score high. Score low. Has to be. That's the definition of Multiverse Beings, right?

NONE OF US ARE REALLY HERE (in the understood "now") because we're al too busy being 'everywhere else at once'. See, that's th…

the Real Jason Bourne #4 - the world is at war - first look trailer

see, it's a War World, I told ya...

Samantha Keely Smith - oceans of pain - abstract sorrow

Samantha Keely Smith is a young British artist from Harlow in Essex who paints seascapes, except she doesn't...

Smith paints views of a place between here and there.

It's as simple as that, Smith applies subtle layerings of paint to the canvas and it's our job to work out what she's doing - our art is our eye of our beholder.

dream - loving the alien - tall whites and 'very adult content'.

Obviously, I'm not going to go into intimate excruciating loving detail on this one, suffice to say, "The tall whites can visit me any time they like," though I will share this one shimmering nugget - PHYSICAL TRANSFORMATION is their ecstatic bag. Maybe that's how our world was delivered to us in the first place, like the Russians landing a Viking Longboat upon the White House lawn.

Very special Kafka-like moments and memories shared across the galaxy, I'll tell you - I'm willingly going back there should I receive another star-fed invitation.  :)