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False Flag Sheepism - Strategy of Tension - 13th anniversary of 9/11

Last year, Daniel Bushell's Truth Seeker Show featured the 12th anniversary of the terror act that brought down three skyscrapers at freefall acceleration into their own footprint using two commercial airlines in Manhattan NY on September 11 2001.

"Strategy of tension" is explained in full, and other key phrases, concepts (video below).

And let's not forget the Weaponized Anthrax from Fort Dietrich and the "Vulcans" taking Cipro a week or two before. Let's not forget that 911 is the phone number for the American Emergency Services. Oh, it's such a beautiful game, la la la.

Adriano Raeli - Ferrari F80 concept car - sex on wheels

as you can tell from the massive apertures between wheels and body, this Ferrari F80 concept design from Adriano Raeli is proposed as a two-seater semi-tandem ROAD LEGAL F1 CAR.

An interesting tidbit of the F80 is the car’s inspiration. Obviously many stallions in Ferrari’s lineage have their place in the car’s styling, but Raeli says his motivation came from the Next Generation Air Dominance program (NGAD), a military venture to appoint the next wave of air superiority fighters. [source DIGITAL TRENDS]
I'd love the see this shapely beast a) alongside a standing human, for scale, with a door open b) blasting through Monaco's legendary Tunnel at full rip.


"What's a BELIEF REBOOT, Mike?"

Glad you asked.
Have you ever actually 'thought' about what 'belief' is?
Or are you just going along with the herd and praising god or worshipping his way?

I know, I know, it's Sunday, a so-called religious day, but it could be any day of any year. The working week is something that's been hammered into the 'working populace' like the 'belief in god' was hammered into the mindset of the pre- and post- medieval mindset by the then-global ad-campaign called The Inquisition.

I mean, we're an intelligent race - this is obvious. Look how far we've come in the last few thousand years since hunter-gatherer tribes switched to farms and towns. But at what cost? Money? Riches? Jewellery? Slavery to debt. Slavery to earnings. Slavery to god. Ghosts. The Spirit Realm. Creation Myths.

We all love a good magic show, spectacle or 'miracle'. 
We're an intelligent race but it's all misplaced.…

Neolithic 'Stonehenge' Monument and Burial Barrows Discovered in Kent

The Swale and Thames Archaeological Survey Company (SWAT Archaeology) has discovered a Neolithic henge and archaeological remains from several periods on housing development grounds in Sittingbourne, Kent.

SWAT Archaeology's excavation also makes use of new technology, as the archaeologists brought in local Kentish aerial photography drone service Skyspider Aerial Imaging to record the site in high-definition video, the results of which you can see in the video below:
[source IBTIMES]

SWAT Archaeology Iwade project from Skyspider A.I on Vimeo.

they call it ALL YOU NEED IS KILL in Japan

All you need is kill ... well, let's use its Westernised or Hollywoodized name, Edge of Tomorrow ... found the Japanese poster. And guess what? They call it ALL YOU NEED IS KILL in the home territory after Hiroshi Sakurazaka (Yoshitoshi ABe-illustrated) novel of the same name. Now, that's a title of a film I might wanna watch. Damn.

Big Sky fanzine - Philip K Dick novel reviews by Mike Philbin

new editions of BIG SKY (edited by Peter Young) are now available online.

Editor Peter Young writes, "Big Sky 3 and 4 are two parts of a special project released for Loncon 3. Both are concerned entirely with Gollancz’s 'SF Masterworks list' – every title has reviews and commentary, all listed in order of appearance."

I'm mentioning it here because I have a couple of Philip K Dick novel reviews in Big Sky 3:



Photobathroomism - the art of Lee Price - Lemon Slices series

Lee Price is an American figurative realist painter. Her work focuses on the relationship between women and food. I've focussed, here, on her LEMON SLICES series.

Free Planet asked Lee Price her if she could expand upon the use of lemons in this series and she replied, "While most of my work speaks about compulsivity, an act of walling yourself off from others, the lemon slice pieces are about the struggle to be present in a space as opposed to separating or isolating yourself."

Remember, these are PAINTINGS, oil on linen.

David Icke - Rothschild Zionism - running the world from Israel

it's been a while since Free Planet did a piece on Isle of Wight resident David Icke, but he's SO CONVINCING and even when he totally trashes the American Administration with his claims of Chicago-derived infiltration by Rothschild Zionism you gotta listen.

Ready for some truth?

so, got that? Well, it gets even more interesting, and I'm not totally sure where this then takes his assertion, but let's hear it. Khazars and the Israeli infiltration of 'the truth'. Confused? Need to know dictates that.

Breaking The Set - Abby Martin - George Galloway Solutions on ISIS Crisis & Gaza Massacre

RT > Breaking The Set > Abby Martin features an interview with UK politician George Galloway, discussing the violence in Gaza and the latest airstrikes the US military has launched against Islamic militants in Iraq.

Looking forward to the premier of Galloway's forthcoming documentary called THE KILLING OF TONY BLAIR.

SEPTEMBER 17TH UPDATE: after getting a beating in the street a couple weeks back, George Galloway has just received a DEATH THREAT at the Houses of Parliament.

A police investigation has been launched after a death threat aimed at controversial MP George Galloway was sent to the Houses of Parliament. According to a source, the letter included a threat that the Respect Party MP would "die from a deadly virus". [source TELEGRAPH]

Free Planet - scum wages - corporate hand me downs

Noam Chomsky - Information Clearing House - OUTRAGE

as ICH or Information Clearing House states in its front-page editorial, "You ain't gonna hear this on CNN," and look who authored this Gaza-holocaust article titled...

By Noam Chomsky

August 03, 2014 "ICH" - Almost every day brings news of awful crimes, but some are so heinous, so horrendous and malicious, that they dwarf all else. One of those rare events took place on July 17, when Malaysian Airlines MH17 was shot down in Eastern Ukraine, killing 298 people.
The Guardian of Virtue in the White House denounced it as an “outrage of unspeakable proportions,” which he attributed to “Russian support.” His UN Ambassador thundered that “when 298 civilians are killed” in the “horrific downing” of a civilian plane, “we must stop at nothing to determine who is responsible and to bring them to justice.” She also called on Putin to end his shameful efforts to evade his very clear responsibility.

True, the “irritating little man” with the “ratlike face” (Timothy …

Trent Jaklitsch - Alyssa Monks - TONE

Free Planet has featured the photorealism gone painterly works of Alyssa Monks before. Now, film maker Trent Jaklitsch has created an indulgent sensual lingering piece called TONE that reinforces Alyssa's claim that it's, "All about the paint," and not necessarily just about the photo-realistic depiction of a moment.

TONE is mesmerising stuff that demonstrates the vast range of painterly techniques involved in Alyssa's emotiono-realistic paintings.

You like my new word: Emotionorealistic?

and then Jaklitsch's earlier piece on Alyssa herself, and her newer work. The incidental music at the start and end of this vignette is Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Pärt. The cinematic skills, the control of light and shade, the sculptural stillness on show LITERALLY brought tears to this blogger's eyes.

Alyssa Monks is a painter living and working in Brooklyn, NY. After years of painting figures behind steam covered glass and water, she is going Outside to paint something…

Frederik de Wilde - the blackest black in the world - H.R. Giger would have loved this

imagine Chur Switzerland's legendary H.R. Giger-themed bar repainted in THIS MATERIAL... the blackest black in the world, made up of carbon nanotubes grown on a titanium core.

ART is the poetics of the imagination – SCIENCE is the poetics of realityFrederik De Wilde acts on the border area between science, technology and art. The conceptual crux of his artistic praxis are the notions of the intangible, inaudible, invisible. It is this interstitial territory that Frederik De Wilde explores in his various works. Sometimes on the side of the technological, and often in the perceptual, conceptual, social—human—register, De Wilde’s art is grounded in the interaction between complex systems, both biological and technological. Moreover, the indistinct, diffuse, ‘fuzzy’ arena where the biological and the technological overlap and commingle is a productive and favored ground for his projects/ projections. [source DE WILDE]