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dreams - within one hour - 4, 5, 6 storey pub

I don't know how the human mind does this, "Between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 a.m.," I had this dream about a small (or rather compact) pub.

It was at least a four or five storey, but maybe a six storey, pub with a wooden staircase winding up the centre of it. Decorated in a stained wooden panelled fashion. Filled to the brim, rammed to the gills, with hundreds of revellers. A bar on each floor, and some old friends... There was even some kind of Viking shield game taking place on the second floor. It was full of narrative and dialogue. And LIFE.

"How does the human mind do this," what ever it does, when we're dreaming?

Electric Universe - Thunderbolts of the Gods - Lightning Scarred Planet Earth

Electrical phenomena are totally scalable, from the activity of an electron around an atom's core (should such a machine exist) to the width of an electrical discharge pulsating through space birthing galaxies and stars.

On Earth, erosion has been given too much credence when all you need is a decent electrical charge to hit the surace of the planet to form some quite spectacular geological features.

WEEK LATER UPDATE: here's the second part of Lightning Scarred Earth...

Editorial comment: we now need to see A HISTORICAL TIMESCALE for both the proto-Saturnian electrical infestation into what we now call the Solar System and the length of time taken to create these geological features on Earth and Mars i.e. from what historical date to what historical date, based on the assessable movement of proto-Saturnian planet settling within this (alien) system.

How close would the planets have come, how did Saturn look during its convversion to gas giant, what was the sky like? And when …

Luc Besson - Valerian - all the critics are wrong!

what did Luc Besson remember when he made Valerian?

he remembered to allow us to love EVERY FUCKING MOMENT that these creatures were on screen.

And for that he deserves all the accolades 'the critics' forgot to heap upon this gloriously lovely film about man's IDIOCY IN SPACE.

I look forward to the follo-on movies in the Valerian series they'll be great - but then I wished the same thing for Philip Pullman's Subtle Knife film which never came to fruition because of 'critics'.

Arthur C Clarke - 3001 - electric universe ruined my read

Dear Electric Universe,

thank you.

Thank you for RUINING my latest read, namely Arthur C Clarke's final chapter that began with 2001 i.e. 3001.

Electric Universe, or my research into it, has totally ruined this novel for me. Harvesting dirty snowballs for water to terraform Venus? And a number of other things mentioned in the novel. I just can't enjoy it.

"Electric Universe is the new science-fiction enjoyment-murdering MTR or Material Technology Revolution."

Mike Philbin art - Introversions & Dichotomies 2017 - Caffe Nero Blackwell Oxford solo show

here's a video: it's not a marketing video, more a 'what's on at my new solo show' on the walls of Caffe Nero on the first floor of Blackwell's book store in Broad Street, Oxford.

Show ends Jan 31 2018. All art for sale.

art - mike philbin - black, black, paint it black...

yeah, I know, "Black's the new black," all over again. Swings and roundabouts. Once more round the sun, dear art friends.

But here's what started it.

And here's the most recent Black'd Work, with the addition of metallic silver conversing with metallic gold.

dreams - pull your finger out

now this was gorgeous, already the dream was vivid and memorable and surreal but then it did this...

I got a splinter.

Yeah, a tiny little splinter at the tip of my left index finger. So, I got the fingernails of my right hand under it and started to pull. And it came out, but then a new one grew. So I pulled that one out but it came and came and came...

Then it turned decidedly weird, like I was pulling out an insect foot, shin, thigh.... I could see the hairs on the insect leg as I pulled and pulled this thing out of my index finger and it kept coming. But that was only the leg and it was already too big to pull out of the finger ref: image for scale. I realised I was dreaming (it was like I did a 'reality check') and woke up, as I'd seen enough...

I realised, very soon after waking, that it was a message to PULL MY FUCKING FINGER OUT and this refers to stuff I've been putting off in my life - yes, I have a list.  :)

Cameron - Rodriguez - Alita: Battle Angel

at last, a trailer for the James Cameron (produced) and Robert Rodriguez (directed) live-action part-rendered manga-adaptation ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL

abstract art - Mike Philbin - new solo exhibition in Oxford UK

My solo exhibition of recent abstract art on canvas, in Caffe Nero @ Oxford UK's flagship Blackwell's book store in Broad Street, was brought forward from mid-December to right now. The exhibition officially opened at 9am on the 4th December 2017, and is due to close on the 31st January 2018: so eight weeks.

There's a combined A4 laminated BIO and PRICELIST dotted round the show, and all the paintings have a relevant number, from 1 to 12, but they're abstract and therefore there is no title to help you work out what the image is supposed to mean to you.

Current customer/colleague favourite, below, is the gloss-white on white canvas. If you go, let me know, I'm just downstairs in the Broad Street > Norrington Room > Science Dept.

Klimt and Schiele MET?

I didn't know this, and I'm delighted to discover, that two of my favourite figurative artist Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele actually met in person, here captured together in this image circa 1902.