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Steven Boucher - Earth is 'just a ride' - the spiritual/historical aspect of the UFO experience

See, this is just weird, and one UFO Experiencer I haven't yet heard... Steven Boucher. He tells of a couple of abduction or visitor experiences he's had (at age 4 and age 14). He talks about the spirit (not religion). He talks about the 'greys'. His story is conveyed in a perfectly flat lucid Canadian monotone and it's made me want to research his story quite a lot more.

"I ain't going down there, dad," Bill Hicks talking about Jesus 1992-3 :)

...and here's a follow-on bit about Boucher's hypnosis sessions with legendary UFO-investigator Bud Hopkins, which kinda fills me with a kind of dread... I'm not convinced by Bud's stuff, let's say.

FURTHER STUDY: if you were chilled by Boucher, get ready to be machine-gunned by the delivery of (official) UFO-blogger Grant Cameron - a completely different style of delivery, trust me.

Marjoleine Boonstra - Icarus Films Documentary - The Silence of Mark Rothko

I love me some Rothko, I've always loved Mark's art, take the beautiful opening shot of this clip from Marjoleine Boostra's 2014 documentary on the man.

Right away, with the bi-symmetry of the opening image, you can see how it's easy to just fall into his worlds, his sense-stalllations...

THE SILENCE OF MARK ROTHKO Clip from Icarus Films on Vimeo.

FURTHER RESEARCH REAPS REAL REWARDS: this morning, whilst trawling more Rothko footage looking for an interview with the man himself preferably, I came across this two-part interview with his daughter Kate Rothko discussing her father's exhibition in Rome.

And while it starts off with a discussion of the later black and grey paintings painted shortly before his death in 1970 stick with it. Right at the end of the walk-around, we end up in the PASTEL ON PAPER room. And he was pastelling at the same time as black-greying. I didn't know that Rothko experimented with this ghostly pastel feminine medium, AND I FUCKING LOVE…

Donald W Patten - Biblical floods - Catastrophic climate and geology

Yesterday, I meant to post this, by Donald W Patten, about Catastrophic Climate and Geology... rock formation and floods and a retiming of The Entire Historical link. I got distracted by 'some insignificant detail' and wandered off, youtube-grazing.

And yes, this still ties in with Electric Universe work by the Thunderbolts of the Gods and Symbols of an Alien Sky people.

Electric Universe - this changes everything - no going back iff

Okay, iff(this means if and only if) the new Electric Universe theories espoused by David Talbott, Wal Thornhill and other scientists who've attended and presented at various conferences and symposia over the last decade THEN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY CHANGES.

Iff you can believe GLOBAL STORIES of a sun (not today's sun) that once sat in a permanent position in the ancient sky.

Iff electrical interactions of planets passing each other can make billions of litres of water fall from the sky.

Iff you can make MOUNTAINS in minutes using vast electrical forces.

Then you probably need to watch this video by Ken O'Keefe because TRUTH IS PARAMOUNT, in all factions of a Free Planet trying to escape the Corporate War Machine mind control and godma of modern slavery. Yes, that was a smooth-as-silk segue. Thanks.

dreams - the Perfect House - Turning Potatoes

I don't know if the phrase Turning Potatoes (mentioned to be in conflict with the tiles in the bathroom?!?!?) was some sort of wedged-in code-word, but I got the message. And no I have never heard of 'turning potatoes' nor have I gone on the internet to research such.

It's one of the mysterious and bizarre facts of this morning's dream i.e. at 05:00 a.m.

It was placed in a town (Haydock, where I'm from) but it was very early in my life when I remember it looking mostly like this. I'm talking about when I was five or six years old, maybe younger. Where Penny Lane meets Vista Road. After that, all these details were rebuilt. There didn't used to be a big roundabout, for example.

So, I'm walking down Vista Road and soon come across The Perfect House. It's on a junction of a side street, and it has tall windows like a retail property conversion. Put it this way, "It called out to me," even though it was in total disarray. Every room needed…

Pierre-Marie Robitaille - the sun is made of condensed matter - sheets of metallic hydrogen

Erm, good question, "What's the sun made of?"

Sure, you'all all know what our gaseous sun is made of already, right?

Rethink, and the answer's only Graphene-like hydrogen in hexagonal-planar structure... and it's most definitely not gas.

BLACK FRIDAY 24th November UPDATE: in this latest (and most fascinating) video on the subject of the sun, Robitaille explores metallic vs semi-metallic emissivity angles to explain the constitution of the sun. At the limp (edge) and the facing centre. He plumps for a semi-metallic hydrgogen (graphene-like) photosphere and a metallic-hydrogen body. It's really fascinating, and simple, simples.

Jeff Kutzler - Protocols of Zion - this is not MY Free Planet

Personally, I don't remember being told that ALL THE COMMUNIST LEADERS were Jewish.

We were told they were anti-Capitalist, not anti-Christists. Listen to the content held in the Jewish Encyclopaedia about child-sex and wonder-not why Hollywood and Parliaments are rife with this atrocity.

Let me make this clear, "This is OUR Free Planet," and nobody owns nothing...

..not even a bunch of self-aggrandizing Zionist Godma-ised game-theorists who will fund 'any global action they deem suitable' for their (amoral i.e. anti-Goyim) global domination cause.