Jeff Kutzler - Protocols of Zion - this is not MY Free Planet

Personally, I don't remember being told that ALL THE COMMUNIST LEADERS were Jewish.

We were told they were anti-Capitalist, not anti-Christists. Listen to the content held in the Jewish Encyclopaedia about child-sex and wonder-not why Hollywood and Parliaments are rife with this atrocity.

Let me make this clear, "This is OUR Free Planet," and nobody owns nothing...

..not even a bunch of self-aggrandizing Zionist Godma-ised game-theorists who will fund 'any global action they deem suitable' for their (amoral i.e. anti-Goyim) global domination cause.


dognamedblue said…
I was kinda watching something the other day that said the Protocols of Zion were in fact written at the time by the russians to discredit the jews
but I'm not sure if it was something saying the russians are to blame for everything

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